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Thank You For Showing A Little Piece Of Colombia

Have you guys seen the new music video of Carlos Vives and Shakira “La Bicicleta”? I loved it. It made me feel close to home.

These 2 terrific Colombian singers have come together to show their appreciation for each other and for the place that saw them grow-up.

This video has great views of Colombia coastal area of Santa Marta and Barranquilla. It’s gorgeous beaches, beautiful places and like most of us soccer lovers; a beach soccer game cannot be missed.

Watching the video made me bring back so many memories of my childhood in Cali. All the good times I lived there. I remembered my friends and our childhood adventures, those friends that are still hanging in there with me; I remembered how our passion for dancing is live 24/7, in Cali any time is a good time to have a cholado, and the water is never too cold to have a splash in the rio Pance; for us a family reunion will always end up in a big party.


The happiness of the people in the video reminds me that we, Colombians no matter how many difficulties we are going through we are the happiest people always. Honestly, you will always have a good time; we are friendly, funny and talkative, meaning you will never get bored with a Colombian friend.



I am Colombian leaving in US for almost 17 years; I have been back only 2 times in all these years. Why? Basically, because most of my family lives here (mom, dad, brother, ect) and I grew roots here. But, it does not mean that I forgot where I come from and how I grew up back home. My heart swells up with joy every time I heard our National Anthem and more if our soccer team is having a match.

Carlos Vives, Shakira thank you for showing a little piece of Colombia to the world, thank you for making me feel right there with you.


Watch the video there:






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6 thoughts on “Thank You For Showing A Little Piece Of Colombia

  1. Great post I love the fact that it brings back good memories ,and most people I know that are Colombian are the nicest people you can ever meet .music is a good way to release your stress and enjoy your self. That’s for sharing your beautiful memories

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