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Potty Training With Huggies Pull-Ups / #MishapMoments

Huggies Pull-ups 2

Potty Train is always a challenge no matter how much you think your baby is ready for this. For me as a working mom makes this process gets even harder. I am glad that I can count with Walmart Neighborhood Marketplace and Huggies Pull-Ups.

I know for us this process is taking a little longer than in any other potty training post that you may have read. Yet, I have not found any post that mention how hard is for a working mom to be on top of potty training their kid



I’m blessed that abuela (grandma) is helping me babysitting Daniela for 4 days and I have to give it to her (she is the best!!).  Mom is helping Dani as well to get into this routine. After work, I asked how she did and I will take over from grandma and continue with the routine.  

We are almost one month into the potty training; she does very well at home.   

I am going to break down how we started with Daniela new milestone:


First,  we visited our local Walmart. I then let Dani choose just her favorite training pants. I am so glad she run directly to the Huggies Pull-ups, she loves their fun designs and  for her wearing her favorite characters is the best thing ever!!!.

Huggies Pull-ups 4

We also need it to pick up wipes and since Huggies wipes One and Done now comes with Dory and Nemo characters well, you know which bag Dani grad first.

Huggies Pull-ups 1

At home she couldn’t wait to try them on.


Huggies Pull-ups 3

We love Huggies Pull-Ups because first, like I mention before their fun designs and Disney characters that kids love. Second they fit perfectly and are comfortable giving my little one the freedom to move and hide all around the house. 



I believe that one important part of potty training was including Daniela in the process. Letting her choose what she wanted and making feel comfortable with the change.

Are you a working mom entering the potty training stage? Start by searching for your local Walmart Neighborhood Market here and be sure to print these coupons for Huggies Pull-Ups and Huggies Wipes.


Share a comment letting me know how you started or how you plan to start your potty training adventure.







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9 thoughts on “Potty Training With Huggies Pull-Ups / #MishapMoments

  1. Yikes, potty training is around the corner for us and I don’t have a clue! Thanks for sharing tips. I think it’s great to get your little involved in making decisions!

  2. Our home has one bathroom and it is on the second floor! I am terrified of potty training! I am praying that my little one can get excited about it. Great idea, to have your little one involved in the process, though. I am definitely keeping that in mind. 🙂

  3. What a blessing to have her grandmother help with potty training!
    From one day to the next my daughter decided she was ready to use the potty (I still remember it clearly, because it was Easter Monday last year ha ha), but we still occasionally use pull-ups at our house as well. They just make life a tad bit easier on days I really need it.
    Great post!

  4. My little one was also excited about the Disney characters. However, I didn’t really have any luck til I switched over to underwear completely. She seemed to take it more seriously. Thank you for joining the #seasonalbloghopjoy

  5. I have 4 daughters ranging from 18 to 2. My 2 older girls were potty trained by my sister who babysat for me while I worked a swing shift job. My 5 year old started preschool last year and went to school on the second day in pull ups and came home in a pair of panties that I put in her back pack and that was it. My 2 year old won’t be starting school for a while but shows signs of being ready. But I’ve never potty trained before. It’s awful saying this, but I kind of feel like a bad mom for not having gone through this with my other 3. The farmers almanac says that next month is the ideal time to potty train, so we are going to get on it then.

    1. Dear Kristi, thanks for commenting!!! I did not potty train my first one either.. Don’t feel bad, we are not bad moms, we just have to do what is best to support our family.

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