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Enjoying Outdoors With BODYARMOR / #DrinkBodyArmor


Enjoying Summer With BODYARMOR


I love to spend time outdoors with my family. However, I am always thinking on how hot the day is going to be, how high is the humidity and how much time we can spend outside.

For my oldest kid summer is vacation time, outdoors fun and time to stay on his skateboard all day long.

Thankfully, my awesome people of BODYARMOR send me a good variety of flavor to try.


BodyArmor 6

BODYARMOR is not just a regular sport drink is a “SuperDrink”. Created with only natural ingredients like: Coconut water, natural flavors and sweeteners, Vitamins. Do not contain caffeine and it is gluten-free. Unlike other sports drinks on the market BODYARMOR  is GREAT choice for young athletes especially, who don’t need all the extra sodium in their diets or the artificial ingredients that come from drinking other sports drinks on the market.

BODYARMOR comes in 8-great tasting flavors: fruit punch, orange mango, strawberry banana, tropical punch, lemon lime, mixed berry, grape and blackout berry.

Since I love berries so much, I tried the Mixed Berry flavor and I love it. The taste is sweet just like a natural juice. I definitely recommend to drink it when is cold, you will enjoy more. My son tried the Tropical Punch and he also enjoy it a lot.

Enjoying Summer With BODYARMOR

So much that we have to go out to our local Target and get some more BODYARMOR drinks. Now, you can download this coupon and save on your next purchase.

Enjoying Summer With BODYARMOR

It was really easy to find it in the drinks aisle.

Now, I don’t have to worry so much about how long my kid is going stay outside running on his skateboard because I know that with BODYARMOR he will be fine.

BodyArmor 2


BodyArmor 3


Are you ready to try this new BODYARMOR drink? What flavor is the first one you are going to get?



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  1. Great post your son looks like he’s having fun with his skateboard bodyarmor sports drinks are great thanks for always sharing great reviews love it

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