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Letting Your Kids Grow / #YoplaitGoBig


It is hard to see your kids grow and it is harder when you see that they are spending even less time with you every day, because he already important tasks to take care of.

My big boy is already a teenager and I keep remembering my little baby and how attached to me he was.

Now, my boy is an 8th grader and I have to admit that he is a great student, being able to stay in the top of his classes since 6th grade, now he is getting 9th grade education and getting ready for high school ahead of time. I am very proud of him.

The dedication for his education is paying off and is showing with him jumping ahead one grade.



Even though he is a teenager, I try to take enough time to talk to him about life and school, I love to spend time with him.

Leo speaks fluent Spanish and loves sports and he does his best to be in the school team every year. He is a great big brother to his sister (but, don’t get me wrong, just like any other brother-sister relation, they fight).



You guys may be wondering why I am writing all this about my son today in this post. Well, Yoplait® is launching its newest product: Yoplait Go Big™ Yogurt pouch.

Go Big was created with teens in mind with a cool new design, their new large yogurt pouch is like nothing you’ve seen before, made with real fruit and the right amount of yogurt to satisfy growing hunger. It is great for teens that are always on the go.




Yoplait Go Big wants you to visit their Facebook Page and write an open letter to your Tween/Teen about what makes them amazing and how they inspiring you. AND in this contest they will choose 3 teens to tell their story about why they are amazing.



You can get you Go Big at your local Target, Wal-Mart or like I me at my local Stop and Shop.

This is a great opportunity to bond even more with your kids and show them how proud they make us. So, get ready and start writing, trust me you won’t regret it.






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