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Disney Halloween Dress Rehearsal Event / #Toddlerlife



Happy Almost Halloween!!! jeje

Daniela was invited to a fun Halloween event this weekend at the Disney store. The Disney Halloween Dress Rehearsal. We all know October is the months for the kids to have fun and be goofy and this is perfect.  

I love Disney and I love even more these kind of events. We also know of the danger that can be taking our kids out on a Halloween night. And I am very apprehensive taking my kids out trick-or-treating. 


What this event does is give the change to the kids to enjoy the Halloween time safe and for us parents to be worry free.

Our Saturday started really early. The event started at 8 am but, we had a long drive ahead(almost an hour drive); Thank goodness, Daniela was so excited for this event that she woke up fast and really to have a good time.

This Halloween event started before the store was open to the public, so basically the kids had the entire store for themselves.



The Hostess were so great getting the kids entertain; singing along, dancing, coloring, doing crafts and they even had a parade all around the store…




It is PARADE TIME!!!!!







Yes, she had fun!!! so much fun.. at the end of the party all the kids received a goody bag with stickers, candy and fun stuff to play with.




I love her happy face and I love hearing her describe her experience.


If you celebrate Halloween with your kids what do you do to keep your kids safe and happy?. For me every year is different I may or may not take them out Trick-or-Treating. They would probably dress up but stay home, unless we go out to the mall or a family Halloween party.


* I was not paid to write this post. I received this invitation for being a Disney credit card member. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience we had in our visit *






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7 thoughts on “Disney Halloween Dress Rehearsal Event / #Toddlerlife

  1. What a great idea – she looks like she loved it. It’s a great way to have kids do something Halloweeny without it being too scary!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  2. What a cute event. Depending on the weather we either go to our local Mall or just around our neighborhood. Last year we spent Halloween day at Sesame Place which was really nice but we didn’t renew our passes so this year we will stay local. You should check out if they have any trick or trunk around your area. Usually they are held by the rec centers. The are very popular by us and super safe and nice. People decorate their trunks and the kids go trick or treating around the parking lot to each trunk. its family oriented. 🙂

  3. How fun! I love safe alternative ways to celebrate Halloween. We have a lot to chose from in our area and are opting to take advantage of all the different things to do instead of the traditional trick or treating. They are very excited to pass out candy to other kids this year!

  4. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! My kids are older and they love trick-or-treating! My 5yo will likely keep up with her sister this year – in years past hubby has brought her home (or I’ve gone out to meet them) but I think this year she’s ready to do the whole neighbourhood. We live in a great area and we know lots of neighbours so I’m not too apprehensive about them being out. I personally love being home to give out candy. I get to see everyone and all their awesome costumes! 😀


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