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Eating Out With My Toddler / #ToddlerLife #MomProblems 

Eating Out With My Toddler / #ToddlerLife #MomProblems

I love my baby she is the best, but seriously sometimes I can’t understand why, every time we are out at a restaurant she can’t stay in one place.

Until date I still remember my first kid… He was so calm and quiet. If I was to sit him in one place he would stay there. He was much less talkative than my daughter and much shyer.

I don’t know if most the toddlers are the same these days, but I had asked some of my friends with toddler kids and we all agreed that these kids just can’t stop. Their energy is always full and in the mid time our energy is always running low.

Usually, when we eat out I asked for a high chair, but it takes me more time trying to sit her down than her coming out of it.



Don’t get me wrong she eats, but she rather be next to me eating than sitting in the high chair; the only problem is that she will want to be on my legs or right next, next to me… You know what I mean!! .

She won’t eat well and neither will I. And I have the thing that if I don’t eat my plate at once I will loss my appetite.

And she knows to manage to get me to loss my appetite; staying up, singing at the table, dancing in the sit, ect, ect, ect.






These pictures were taken on a Friday night out, right after work and I was exhausted I wasn’t about to take much of her craziness (just look at the dark circles under my eyes). But she only knows how to get a smile out of a tired mama.

Did you went thru something like this with your toddler? Please tell me yes!!!  lol






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3 thoughts on “Eating Out With My Toddler / #ToddlerLife #MomProblems 

  1. Eating out with a toddler is never fun. It seems like I usually end up taking a screaming kid out to the car while my husband pays our check. It always seems like a good idea until we get there!

  2. My 5 year old is still like this. She loves to be on me, rather than next to me; she doesn’t sit still for long (although she’s fine at school, must just be an at-home thing!); and she does love to eat…
    My first born was also quiet and just sat and ate – funny the differences between two genetically similar people!

  3. Completely relate to you. My 21 month old is just starting to sit and eat at her own little table at home, but I dread taking her out. She will eat, for all of around 5 minutes, then want to be off running and exploring what is around her. She is getting better though so I suppose it’s just going to have to take some time, but its frustrating isn’t it? Cute little pictures by the way!


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