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Getting Ready For Halloween With Facial Tattoos / #PartyTime #WorkingMom


Halloween is the time to have fun and enjoy the opportunity to dress up. For the adults simply be kids again and for the kiddos to be their favorite character.

For working mamis is not always easy to pick a character to dress up as; even more when Halloween is celebrated on a weekday.  Working during the day and partying or trick-or-treating at night is not easy.

Every year I look for easy costumes that I can wear fast and don’t have to worry about retouching any make-up or fixing the costume all thru the night.

That was why when I found this tattoos I just laugh of joy. I found it now!!.. I can dress up without spending tons of money (because costumes aren’t cheap).

Even though my priority is to let the kids have a good time, I like to feel included too. I enjoy every year going out with kids trick-or-treating. I am not much of party girl but I know this tattoos with be great for a party night.

For me this facial tattoo are new and it is a great idea for a fast simple costume for all of us that are always busy.


I choose the “Catrina” tattoo this time but there are several different characters to choose from. applying them is very easy.

  1. Get your desired tattoos.


2. Cut the design to separate all the tattoos you are going to use


3. On your clean (free of make-up or oil) face place the tattoos.


4. Use a small wet sponge to press the tattoo against your face. Made sure the tattoo us totally wet. wait for about 30 seconds and removed the protection paper.

5. Done.




At the end I like the results, my face felt a little dry since you can’t put any type of moisturizing cream. The tattoos where easy to apply and yes, it is a little time-consuming.

I was a little worry about taking this tattoos off. I was not sure if they will come out as easy as it is mention on the direction giving on the package.

I used baby oil, applied on the tattoo for 5 to 10 minutes and then I removed it with a cotton ball, no problem.

I believe that for this being my first try I did really good. Don’t you think so?

Are you willing to give this tattoos a try?

Tell me what you think.



* I was not paid to write this post or given free products in exchange for a review. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience using the above mention product. *







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