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I Got Mail / #Alterreego


Surprise!!! I got a very nice box today.

I knew it was coming; I did not expect to be this fast.

I had talked to you before about the Alterre shoes, and how spectacular they are. So simple to mix and match with your entire wardrobe.

My first Black Heel Starter Kit I was lucky enough to win it on a Giveaway some time ago and from then I had fallen in love with this brand. These shoes are so comfortable even for me that I don’t wear heels every often.

Now, I am very excited to show you firsthand how these heels look with 5 different bands. How easy it is to change from band to band.



If you want a different look to mix you style is Ok, changing bands couldn’t be easier




You only have to remove the current band on you shoe and change looks by clicking the look of your choice and Voila!!!



Easy right!!?

Thinking on getting the started kit? You will received the set of heels, or sandals (your choice) and 2 sets of bands ( you can choose 2 different looks and colors).

Getting the looks is also handy, all the different looks come in individual boxes and each one comes with a pouch to safe keeping.


Alterre is a line of shoes for the woman who is always on the go and that loves to look good. You can transform your shoes with over 125 combinations. Change your look day to-night or pack light for that next vacation.

Beside 5% of their profits goes to Restore NYC. Restore is a non-profit organization that provides long-term rehabilitation to victims of sex-trafficking in New York.


* I was not paid to write this post. I used an Alterre gift card received on a previous event for the purchase of the products. All thoughts are entirely mine *






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3 thoughts on “I Got Mail / #Alterreego

  1. These are some unique shoes. The heel is a little big for my liking (I’m more of a stiletto gal), but I will check them out because my mom loves heels like these. #ProductReviewParty

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