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Influenster Aussie VoxBox / #Haircare


Hello everyone!

Recently I received this wonderful VoxBox from Influenster to review and give my honest feedback.

The Aussie VoxBox came with actual side Shampoo, Conditioner and Mousse.  What a treat right!!!

To be totally honest, this is my first time coming across this brand and if I have ever seen it on T.V. never came to my attention to look for it on my local store.

I basically had stocked to my same old shampoo brand forever. I thought that my hair looked good, yes it was a little freeze, my ends were kind of dry, but I thought it was ok.

When I received Aussie, I was really excited to try something new. It sweet, floral fragrance make the experience much more pleasant.


My hair care routine:

I usually wash my hair every other day. Yes, I know it may be too much, but I work in a fast food restaurant and I can tell when my hair does not smell clean any more. Besides, because my hair is long I tent to keep it tied up on a bun or a regular pony tail. I don’t like my dry end so I hide them on a high bun.


What has change after 2 weeks of using Aussie?

My hair is clean longer and smelling good, I had definitely see my hair dry ends getting healthy and the freeze has minimize notably.


I am happy to wear my hair down again.

Changes are good and I definitely will not go back to my previous shampoo.


Mis amigos,

What is your hair care routine? Do you think that is time to change and give this Aussie shampoo try? Had you ever try this brand before? How was you experience. 


To get more information about Aussie don’t hesitate to visit Aussie.com.

If you like to receive boxes like this one you just have to go to www.influenster.com  and sign up, link your social media info do product reviews and if you qualify for a box they will email you.




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