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What Do I Do When My Toddler Is Napping / #MommyLife


We all know that as moms there is very limited time we have to enjoy ourselves when we are home with the kids. We are always doing something while taking care of our more precious gift. And still, there not enough time on the day for all we have pending in our To Do List.

But, what do you really do when your toddler napping? 

“Mommy, is nap time!!” said Dani today.

I was so happy; Thank goodness.

I will have the time to clean the bathroom, change my bed sheets, put away my summer clothes and take out the fall/ winter jackets, sit and have a well deserved glass of wine, catch up with my shows on Netflix, ect, ect.

Dani when to her bed and put herself to sleep all by herself. When I went to check on her, she was cover with her blanket and enjoy a nice relaxing time….

Picture me jumping in joy!!! lol… Yes, that was me.

I run to the bathroom and spray the bathtub with my cleaning product, then run to my room and strip my bed from the dirty sheets. (Guys, I am multitasking here and thinking in my glass of wine at the end of it all.).

While running back to the bathroom to finished cleaning it. I passed by Dani’s room and I see her there, laying in her big girl bed, so peaceful, so calm, so quiet, so big, OMG!!! She is growing so fast.


It was then when I sit on the floor, just looking at her, reminiscing on the time she was born. Look at her big, long lashes, touching her long and skinny finger and remembering my chats with her.  How far she is getting and how close she is to head over to school.

Yes, I forgot about everything else I had to do.

I don’t know how long I was there, just staring at her.

When my husband came to the room and asked me: “what happened in the room, where you fighting with somebody?”  

Remember, I was about to put my summer clothes away. Well, I had through it all in the floor and was going to put away after I finish with the bathroom, but I didn’t have time.

My bed was a mess, tub had soap all over it and Dani was about to wake up…

I did finish the bathroom, put back my clothes where it was and only had the time to change my bed when Daniela was up and running again.


What do you do when your baby is napping? Are you like me that lose your focus and start staring at your baby while he/she is asleep? Do you ever get to finish all you have to do in one day?


Tell me your story…








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3 thoughts on “What Do I Do When My Toddler Is Napping / #MommyLife

  1. I never get everything done – ever! I miss nap days as well, and yes I have been known to just look at my sleeping kids and think about everything that has gone on in their little lives so far. It’s so easy to be mesmerised by the little people you grew and created. Life really is a miracle.

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