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Daniela’s Walmart Trolls Haul / #Toddlerlife #Danielasfavorite


I have never seen my little munchkin so excited about a movie before. I think that is because of the colorful characters or may also be because she loves the pink color and she is now find it everywhere.

The main thing now, is that Trolls the movie is not even out yet and she is more than happy collection everything she can come across.

This last weekend we had an express stop to Walmart. I was just going to get one thing I need it urgently. But all changed when she saw the Trolls stand.

We knew she loves Trolls and when we came a cross this display of color she was jumping non-stop.

This Haul is pretty nice; I am even excited .. lol

trolls-5 fortheloveto.com

She got this pink blanket featuring Poppy, all in pink.. Yes, Daniela’s all time favorite color. I love it. It is very soft and comfy. You will wish to be in the entire day.



She also got toys character. If I can remember well the character’s name are Branch (front), Poppy (left), Guy diamond (right) and DJ Suki (center)



And something that she was not going to miss was the Trolls blind bags. I think every kid goes crazy for these. It comes with one toy and the collectors guide.



See, she couldn’t wait for me to finish with my pictures when she was already starting open the bags.



Look at her face…. She is so happy with the new Trolls toys.





Upps!!! sorry I am forgetting something very important.


The Trolls PEZ candy Dispensers. Although we didn’t get this box at Walmart Dani wanted me to add it, since this post is Trolls edition.


We found them in our visit to the PEZ Visitor Center in Connecticut. (but that is to be share in a future post). The box come with 3 small size character dispenser. Perfect for a  little kid that is crazy for candy.


As you guys can see, Daniela can’t wait to see the movie this coming weekend.

Are you guys excited to see Trolls?

What is your child/dren all time favorite movie?

Share your thoughts on the comments below.



* I was not paid to write this post or given free products in exchange for a review. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience we had.*







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13 thoughts on “Daniela’s Walmart Trolls Haul / #Toddlerlife #Danielasfavorite

  1. I’m a big troll fan from awhile ago I’m looking forward to seeing the movie with my son. The blind bags are a wonderful idea and I’ll be picking him up a couple to keep him entertained on a long car ride. Thank you gotcha sharing this today I’m also visiting from #celebratingblogginglinkup. 😊

  2. I have not heard of the movie but the Trolls look cute! Kind of remind me of the Trolls we had as kids, just a lot more colorful! And the blanket looks so cozy!!
    Visiting from the Celebrating Blogging link-up Party.

  3. Totally missed the troll movie thing!! Is there a troll movie!? I used to collect them when I was a kid. Cool. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  4. My kids are a little too young for his but no doubt it is something I have to look forward to. She certainly seems to be enjoying it. I think it’s so nice when they have something that they love and get so much fun out off. Thanks so much for sharing this at #familyfun xx

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