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Our Visit To Madame Tussauds / #NoJustWax #NY

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Hey familia,

This weekend started with a trip to the Big City. Yes I life in New York but I life all the way to the East side almost one hour away by train, the thing is that we don’t life close to a train station even … our closest is 20 min away.

That is why going to the city is a big deal; and honestly speaking I haven’t been in Manhattan for a fun day since almost the time the terrorist attack happened. I can remember clearly going to the city for 2 events spend 1 hour and run back home.

Spending more time gives me anxiety and being around a big crowd like that just makes me uncomfortable. But, today was the day that I had to be brave and enjoy the day with the family at Madame Tussauds, New York.

Madame Tussauds is located almost in the heart of Manhattan, close to 42nd Street and Time Square gives it the best location possible.

If you guys are planning to visit us his Holiday season my first suggestion is: Please visit it early, sometimes they are so many people that line to get tickets gets really long.



Once you are inside the adventure starts at the 9th floor with a glamorous celebrity party. Including pretty awesome people like Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Sofia Vergara amount others.


Tell me if this is not incredible!!!! The resemblance is unbelievable.



He didn’t want to leave… He was obsessed with Adriana!!! lol



Who doesn’t love E.T…. we all enjoy it !!





You can find almost 200 wax figures from celebrities, to presidents to musicians and Super Heroes and right now their new  Ghostbusters Experience that brings  Madame Tussauds up to a new challenge.


Now Madame Tussauds offers for visitors a walk through multiple scenes from the new film and then can become actual ghostbusters themselves as they grab proton packs and blast their way through an incredible Hyper-Reality experience.




We really had a great time walking thru all the different scenarios that were presented to us and looking at the awesome job they do with wax.

It was a really and nice experience, it so much fun that I had to do a video for you… don’t miss it!!! Here:


All my readers will save an extra 15% Off Admission to Madame Tussauds in New York! – Valid for up to 8 people when you purchase your tickets here.



Besides that, Madame Tussauds New York Launches ‘KIDS GO FREE’ so if you have the chance to visit New York don’t miss the opportunity to visit it.






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5 thoughts on “Our Visit To Madame Tussauds / #NoJustWax #NY

  1. Great review I will definitely give your daughter a vote for the president ,great pictures I will give a visit soon thanks for sharing

  2. Growing up on Long Island I rarely went into NYC. Once I moved away I would make it a priority to go every time I visited NY. It is not as easy as people think. People don’t realize how larger New York really is. Good for you for taking advantage of all the City has. I visited Madame Tussauds on a trip to England in high school is was absolutely amazing!

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