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Taco Night With Old El Paso / #OEPGameDay


We all love tacos at home and I think I like them more since this is a fast easy meal to prepare after a long day from work.

For us this is also a great “finger-food” that you can enjoy while having a good time with the family.

With simple ingredients you can have a nice meal in just 15 min. This is my simple recipe. (please remember that I am a mom not a chef).


I got all my ingredients at Walmart for their great deal on the item I need, like the Old El Paso taco shells and the traditional refried beans. #ScoreBigFlavor


  1. I usually get the pre-cooked and season pulled beef. But you can also choose pulled pork if you wish.
  2. Mixed the Old El Paso refried beans with the beef on a non-stick pan.
  3. Add 1/4 slice red onion and 1/4 slice green peppers.
  4. Mixed all together.
  5. To finish sprinkle Mexican mixed cheese all over the top, put the pan in the oven for 5 min until the cheese has melt and done.



You can also complement your taco meat with sheared lettuce, sour cream, salsa verde, avocados or a little extra cheese is you like.

I like to pair it with pomegranate, their sweetness after the taco will refresh your palate and it is very healthy and delicious. And if you are watching the game it is perfect to be munching on something so I can have it as a snack as well.



Game Day should not be something hard to put together.  This is time to enjoy the game and not spend all the in the kitchen and I think tacos with Old El Paso is a great choice. #OEPGameDay


Are you excited for the coming football games?

Tell me how you out together a nice Game Day.











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  1. Yummy Our family loves tacos and only 15 minuets to cook also love this post and the sunglasses on the little one is just too adorable thanks for sharing another great idea

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