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Top Travel Tips Flying With Twin Babies / #TravelTime


This post goes live in collaboration with guest contributor, Nancy Shaw.  Thank you Nancy for your great work.

Traveling with young children, especially twins, is no easy task for parents who are going for holiday trips. It not only involves planning on what to carry along when traveling but it also entails preparing for the unexpected.

Flying with toddlers doesn’t really have to a terrible experience to you as a parent. Actually, it can be an exciting experience if you know what to do where and how. Here are some helpful tips to help make your flight with kids much easier and more manageable:

1. Understand the Rules and Restrictions of Traveling With Babies

Before purchasing tickets for your flight, you need to know the career’s policies on traveling with kids. While some airlines allow babies below the age of 2 years to be carried on the laps, others require the parent to book advanced car seats for the young ones.

Also, airlines often restrict the number of lap babies that can sit in a row which means you have to plan prior to the flight where you and your twins will be seated. This is particularly important if you’re traveling alone because flight attendants won’t need to shuffle other passengers to make room for your kids. Buying seats for your twins will ensure the following:

-They remain entertained as they squirm in their seats than on your laps

-They’re strapped on their seats even on bumpy rides

-You have the privilege of sitting on the same row with your family

2. Remember To Carry Umbrella Strollers for the Babies

In order to make traveling a lot easier, it is important to carry umbrella strollers alongside the backpacks. Tandem stroller is the best for twin babies if you want to move in and out of crowded airports much faster. And to cut down on carry-on baggage, it can be better to go for detachable infant car seats.



3. Know the Documents You Need Before Flying with Kids

As much as most airlines allow kids aged 2 years and below to travel for free on their parents’ laps, there are certain documentation required to prove their age. If you’re traveling with twins, then it is important to inform the airline to add then on your travel documents.

That way, you travel tickets will indicate you’ll be flying with a lap infant. The airline might need the following documents from you:

-A copy of the children’s birth certificates to prove if they are under age 2

-The twin’s passports or ID

-Any other documentation that might be recommended by the airline

4. Save Some Extra Time for Departure

Traveling with twins can be a stressful experience because they take more time, than it is supposed to, moving with parent(s) at the airport. That means creating some extra time before departure can make a lot of sense.

Moreover, it is important to check a stroller at the departure gate, so that you can use it to move the babies around. The stroller can be particularly important if you have to walk a long distance to the gate or baggage claim or when your flight gets delayed.

5. Pack Extra Clothes and Outfits for the Babies

Apart from ensuring your twins are properly dressed and don’t disturb when departing, you need to carry extra clothes for change during the journey. Also remember to stash into the baby’s bag extra diapers and wipes to help clear the mess while on the go.

You can also choose to use a reseal able bag for faster changes. Resealable bags are a convenient option because they allow for easy retrieval of clothes without necessarily having to dig deeper into the bottom of a carry-on.

Such bags also allow you to keep dirty and clean clothes separated, even as you remove and put them back.

It’s also important to carry extra change clothes for you and your partner, in case the mess ends up on you. With sufficient wipes on the diaper bag, you can easily manage minor spillages or any other accidents.

That will not only make the journey less stressful for you and other flight passengers but it will allow the kids to travel more comfortably.

6. Ask For Help If Necessary

Taking a flight solo with twins can be challenging but airlines can make the experience less stressful. Find out whether the airline you’re traveling with provides assistance on the gate or gives gate pass for another adult. In addition, if you can hire a nanny for the journey can also help keep the twins entertained while in the clouds.


Always take time to understand the things you need before booking a flight for you and your little twins. Be sure to have a tandem stroller for easy movement around the departure area and carry extra changing outfits for you and your kids.

Once you understand the rules and regulations of traveling with kids, it can be easier to travel with your kids and keep them entertained while on the move.


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nancy-shawNancy Shaw is the founder of HiFiveBaby where she writes about common problems encountered by parents and how to deal with them, motherhood in general and FAQs about babies, toddlers and kids. She provides scientific and medical basis and also her personal experience as a mom to a wonderful toddler. Now you can explore the joy of parenthood with ease! You can also find her on Twitter.




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  1. I cannot even put my last flight into the right words but I will give you some highlisghts. Four kids 2,2,6,8 2 cancelled flights, two carseats four suitcases, running through the airport 14 HOURS and eventually a private jet.

  2. Great tips! I haven’t had to travel too far when my kids were young. Now that they are a bit older, it is a little easier. #alittlebitofeverything

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