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Happy New Year 2017 To All / #Thankful #HappyNewYear


As I mention on my link-up post; I can’t believe this year is over and I can’t even believe I managed to blog for the entire year non stop.

Blogging has brought me close to great people some of them I don’t know but I love to read their thoughts and wait patiently for their next post. Barrie, Jess thank you for your support and for participating every week with me sharing your awesome work.

I have had the chance to met some awesome mommy bloggers that I am completely sure they don’t even remember me at all, should I mention names!!? No, let’s leave it like that.

Blogger events can be a little overwhelming and for me a little more since I am a new blogger and I have a little to non experience to these kind of get-together. Bloggers with more experience know each other and they enjoy this time but, since I didn’t know anyone else I end up feeling left out and out of place. 

This year I had the opportunity to be invited to a good amount of events that unfortunately (and I have to be honest) I choose not to attend to all of them just because I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. I am good at socializing but, sometimes making new friends is just hard.

I have to thank Ms. Nicole Feliciano for all her invitations and opportunities to learn more about this new world for me. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME ON THE INVITATION LIST.!!! 😉

I also have to thanks the brands that believe in my work and give me the opportunity to spread the word. UNICEF, Valentia, Mabel’s Labels, Alterre, amount other great brands THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!. Hope to continue this partnership and keep growing together.

I am very excited for 2017, this little space is growing and it all started just for me sharing my thoughts as being a “new stay at home mom” at that time.

Thank you for reading me, thank you for following, subscribing, liking.,ect, every single click is much appreciated.

I leave you this year 2016 with my favorite Quote. One that I keep close when new and unexpected things are about to happen:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Happy New Year 2017!!





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