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Why Is Important For Me That She Speaks Spanish / #ToddlerLife

Hello Familia,

As you guys all know I have a 3-year-old little princess at home, well… more than a princess she can be more of a tornado. I take more time cleaning after her than the time she takes to get thing all messy again.

Yes, my place is never neat, neveeeeerrrr!!!  But, I don’t mind that any more.

Now, I am focus on teaching her Spanish… No, I am not forcing anything into her. She already understand Español and speaks somewhat the language but she only wants to talk one language at home.

For example, when I asked her something in Spanish she will answer back in English. 🙁  or some times she will just respond in “Spanglish”.

I need to span her Spanish vocabulary and I know she will do so much better.


The difference now to when my son was little is the fact the He didn’t have a brother or sister to play or talk with. Now, Daniela spend more time with her brother and they only speak English all the time!!!!…

My son is very fluent in both languages and I want the same for Daniela.

What are we working on:

  1. Numeros (numbers) 1-5
1 One Uno
2 Two Dos
3 Three Tres
4 Four Cuatro
5 Five Cinco

2. Colores (colors)

1 Yellow Amarillo
2 Blue Azul
3 Red Rojo
4 Green Verde
5 White Blanco
6 Black Negro
7 Pink Rosado


Having a second language has open a lot of door for me. My children may not understand now how important it is to be bilingual, the advantage they have and the opportunities that will come in front of them.


Do you speak a second language? or what language would you like to learn?





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3 thoughts on “Why Is Important For Me That She Speaks Spanish / #ToddlerLife

  1. I think it’s a marvelous idea to teach a second language to the very young. Their little brains are so malleable that they seem to learn very easily. I wish that I still *knew* another language to teach my children. (It seems to have flown out of my brain entirely!) #fortheloveto

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