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Building A Closer Relationship With My Daughter / #Weheartkkb

Building A Closer Relationship With My Daughter / #Weheartkkb

Hola familia!!!

This year we have to start with a high note and what best that keeping family together.

We all moms needs to agree that keeping the kids close and open to talk to us after certain age is pretty difficult.

As a mother of a daughter it worries my that one day communication can be a cause of neglecting problems or feelings she may have. That is why we are starting this journal together and building a close relationship on the way.

I know Daniela still little but journaling together and sharing and describing our day is a great way to teach her to be more detail about events that had happen during her day and since I don’t spend the entire day with her this also help me learn about her day and how the baby sitting is helping me taking care of her 😉

Building A Closer Relationship With My Daugther / #Weheartkkb

Tell Me Anything Shared Journal For Moms & Daughters  is great to keep me and my daughter in communication every single day.

Since Dani can’t write yet, I write for both of us, I write about my day at work and she describe her day being detail about what she has eaten, the color of the clothes, favorite part of her day, ect.

She is eager now, every time I get home she grabs our journal and ask me to sit down with her, Dani will choose a sticker that she feels will help her describe her day and we take it from there.


I love my children and as a mom of a teenage boy I understand that as they grow the communication can be more difficult between us. Teaching her now that I will always have the time to read what she writes on her journal and without judgment I will give her my advice it just a great feeling.

Kai Kai Brai is a family owned business; created by Jaime. Jaime is the mothers of 3 beautiful girls and as a mom herself she understands the important part that constant communication plays within the family circle.


Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter is so well design to keep our girls interested in sharing their thoughts with us. The Journal itself is colorful, with beautiful and fun designs every girl loves it also include stickers, ideas for activities to do together and “Take a Peek” tabs that can be place on each page our little ones want us to see or vice versa.  

We are loving this new way of communication, Daniela understands that I will always have the time for her and for any of her questions or needs.

To get more information about Kai Kai Brai or to place your first Tell Me Anything Shared Journal for Mom and Daughter order just visit their website and/or tag along on their social media.


Here is a video directly from Kai Kai Brai:



This post was sponsored by Kai Kai Brai.  I received a sample of this product to do a review and give my honest feedback.






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6 thoughts on “Building A Closer Relationship With My Daughter / #Weheartkkb

  1. I love this idea. I have two daughters and my oldest Is a daddy’s girl and she is 5 and my youngest who is one can only say one word at a time but she loves to talk to me. I am worried that I would have a gap with them and separately so this would help, I think. I think I might try it.

  2. This is great! I want to get one to do with my stepdaughter. It’s hard sometimes to balance mom and friend roles as they get older, and get them to really share without seeming nosy. This journal solves all of that!

  3. Such a wonderful idea! I went out to get a journal and tracked down a few nice stickers and we will be starting this soon. Amazing idea. #Alittlebitofeverything

  4. I love the idea of the journal and totally agree that relationship between mom and child is so valuable and needed. I did something similar shortly after my ex-husband and I separated. I knew that my oldest (then 8 year old) was having a difficult time and even a more difficult time expressing it in words I put together a journal for her and I that only we would see and write in. It helped her tremendously and was able to heal and it brought us closer together.

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