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Daniela’s Blind-Bags Obsession / #Toddlerlife

Hey guys…

Moms, I would like to know it your little ones are as obsesses as my child is for blind-bags.

Daniela is going crazy for new blind-bags. She likes them all (but hey, all the kiddos likes everything colorful, cute and believe or not expensive). At first, I was even excited about these surprise bags too, so I was ok with my hubby to get her a couple. We got her the Shopkins, then the Little Pony’s, the Num Noms, Little Pet Shop, the Care Bears and some other that I can even remember and the new ones the Chubby Puppies. They are so popular it looks like every single kids brand is coming out with them.

These toys are cute and all but some of them are so little that they get loss the very same day, the majority comes with a gigantic collector guide that you will need to empty your bank account if you think to get them all (and that is if you’re lucky to not get the same toy for at least 6 times).

I may sound aggravated but just until today I realized that we had expended so much money in little pieces of toys that get loss in seconds I felt I just had thrown $3.20 dollars to the garbage. I am talking $3 dollars being the least expensive plus a have to include the taxes.

But, yes I do keep buying them I don’t know why, (someone, help me!! lol)  I don’t know I just like to see Dani’s face light up every time she get a new bag, the excitement to open it and see what is inside.

Here is the proof:

Honestly, you guys do the same? Tell me I am not the only one….

I know I need to change that, I am working on it. I promise !!!!! 🙂





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9 thoughts on “Daniela’s Blind-Bags Obsession / #Toddlerlife

  1. My daughters use to be into those blind bag toys, but now have grown out of them. And yes, those toys would always get lost somewhere or left on the floor and I hurt my feet stepping on them.


  2. I’ve heard of these, but never knew what they were! My little girl is obsessed with Kinder Eggs at the moment, these seem like a bigger, better version!

  3. My kids love the idea of the blind bags, but unless Santa (or birthday gifts) bring some, they don’t get any. I refuse to pay the ridiculous price for a tiny thing that gets immediately lost. As it is my girls have lost a bunch of Shopkins! We do Kinder eggs for the surprise toys sometimes, but those toys I don’t feel so bad throwing out – they only last 10 minutes anyway before they fall apart or the kids lose interest. But it is awesome seeing the excitement in the kids faces when they open these fun toys!

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