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My Princess Is Growing, Her 3 Years Update / #Toddlerlife

My Princess Is Growing Her 3 Years Update



It is just incredible how the time has pass. My princess is growing in front of my eyes so fast that I can even believe she is already 3 and getting prepare to go school soon.

I still remember that last visit to the doctor when we were told that I wasn’t going to have more children, that I was infertile and that if I ever wanted more kids I will have to go under a deeper treatment to the one I had already gone thru. That day was the most sad and heartbreaking day.

But, since everything is in God’s hands and He works in very mysterious ways;  5 months after those crushing news we received the second most incredible gift in our life’s. I was pregnant!!!.

Daniela is already 3 years old, a very talkative, smart and sensitive little girl. And as all regular growing process, she has gone through changes.

At a very early age she understood that shopping was in every woman’s DNA and that we do need more than only one hand bag to life happy. Walking around the store searching for the right bag was imperative.

When Daniela turn 2 she discover her passion for dental hygiene and she was inspired by the nicest ever Kelly at Newman Orthodontics where Leo is still taking care of.


Making sure Leonardo finish with a clean and perfect smile was her main focus. Yes, my daughter was part of the crew of orthodontics that helped my son to finish with the perfect smile.

Thank you Doctor Newman you guys are the best… I may want to go next now…

Unfortunately, right in the middle of her 2nd birthday she found that drinking made her happy and she end up in the wrong path.

Drinking, drinking, drinking was all she was up for. But, not everything was bad at the time. We reach a middle point and our discussion was honest and from my heart. Dani, If you want to drink this much, you will have to learn to go potty. I can afford your addition and diapers boxes at the same time.

Forcing her to choose give her a new view, that everything was not all about having a wild time. Life is hard and going potty was very much important than drinking. So she quit.

She continues to grow to be this gorgeous princess, making her brother and father her servants. All she wanted she knew she will get.

Her easy life was going great until she learn that Star Wars was not only her favorite cartoon show but that Chewbacca was real, when she saw it in the movie.


From that day she enter the mission to find her Chewbacca dress (that is how she call it). She wanted to dress like Chewbacca and talk like Chewbacca (that, let me tell you she does really good

I am so glad we found this nice and comfortable pajama that she is now wearing almost every day. Just because it is her favorite!!!!!.

At 3 years old now, she don’t ask her brother anything else than fight with her like Star Wars. She is happy making her brother run because Chewbacca is going to get him.

Daniela has brought joy to our routine life, headaches to her brother because nothing is in the place he left his stuffs and a new wife to my hubby because she asks more questions than me when he is home late.

This year a new adventure is approaching for her. Watching her going to school is going to be exciting for her but really hard for me (just thinking about it I get teary-eye).

I will keep you post it.






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12 thoughts on “My Princess Is Growing, Her 3 Years Update / #Toddlerlife

  1. She is adorable! Love the photo where she’s in the pink dress : ). That must have been a hard time for you before you had your daughter, can’t even imagine, life is so crazy! My sister went through a similar thing, the doctors told her that she would never have kids and now she has two! Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

  2. Bless she is a real cutie. My little one will be three this year and like you I can’t believe where the time has gone! My one also LOVES to drink, she is potty trained but my goodness the amount of times we have to go to the toilet! Thanks for linking with us at #familyfun xx

  3. You had me laughing at when you said she couldn’t stop drinking! LOL! My daughters love drinking those drinks too!

    Your daughter is such a cutie pie and I love all the adorable pictures you share of her. Cherish these moments, kids sure do grow up fast!


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