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How Do I Save a Coin or Two At The Grocery / #MommyLife

How Do I Save a Coin or Two At The Grocery / #MommyLife

Well, I am not the savviest Couponer but I love to be able to save a dollar or two when I am grocery shopping or when I am stocking up on my baby’s essentials.

I thinking this way, if I am able to save $2 dollars on a box of Pull-up for my toddler those $2 dollars I can use for something else she may need.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a big saving money mommy machine. Saving is something that my dad tried to teach me for years and years but, you know, some times when you are young you don’t get to understand the entire picture of why savings is good for your future until you are leaving it.

Today, I don’t take for granted any dollar I can get to save and use in future, more important tasks.

That is why I am sharing with you today, my more useful coupons. Since the months is getting start it, new coupons are coming up and more opportunities to save.

Here is my first go-to coupon:


We moms all know how expensive diapers and training diapers can be. And even though Daniela is fully potty train I like to keep a bag of Pull-Ups in the house just in case.



Summer is almost here so… is time to pack up some ice cream quarts and frozen winds for a fast tasty meal perfect for a mom that is always busy and more importantly they have great flavor.

For home:


I go through a lot of garbage bags and detergent in a month. What can I say about toilet paper… Kids think is fun to play with it when they are in the bathroom.

I do not have a stockpile I feel that is really unnecessary, I use the coupons for stuff that we really need at home at the moment.

But, if you love coupons and saving big, you can print this coupon for FREE for up to 3 times and save even more.

You can also visit my Coupon Center for all the up-to-date coupons for your favorite brands.






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24 thoughts on “How Do I Save a Coin or Two At The Grocery / #MommyLife

  1. I used to bring my coupons with me on every shopping trip. Now it’s hard to find the time and I’m so much more unorganized. But I still love coupons! Sorry for the late commentt. #Alittlebitofeverything

  2. I am always looking to save money on groceries with three boys. I have been doing Walmart Grocery Pickup so I can think smart and shop wise when purchasing groceries and then I do the Walmart Savings Catcher on top of that.

  3. I never use coupons as I buy mostly fresh, non-branded stuff. But I do pick up diapers to donate to Singleton Moms, so maybe I should save a few more coupons. Thanks for the idea

  4. We don’t really have coupon culture so much in the UK, I wish we did though. That being said, you do get given coupons here and there at the check out so perhaps I am just being absolutely useless at using them! Must try harder! Thank you for joining us at #familyfun x

  5. I am always looking for a deal. I get coupons in the flyers and I always stick them in my purse and then find them later, expired. Or I shop somewhere (like Costco) that doesn’t take coupons. When I remember to use them I feel so good! 😉

    1. I know!!! me too.,.. I try for some time to “couponing” trying to save big time (like in the show) but I just end up forgetting all the coupons at home or end up buying something different and not able to use and coupon …lol what a loser!!!!

  6. I’m well beyond the diapers stage, but with two teenage daughters, I need all the savings I can get! And laundry is ageless, as in, “Mom, is my [insert item of clothing essential the continuation of life as we know it] clean?” Thanks for these great resources! Stopping by from…#Alittlebitofeverything! 🙂

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