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Keep Your Hair Strong And Healthy All Winter Long / #MommyProblems

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Keep Your Hair Strong And Healthy All Winter Long / #MommyProblems



Changing from shampoo brand to brand is not one of my favorite tags. But some times is just necessary.

Winter is here and my hair is so long now that keeping it healthy, strong and freeze free is not easy to get.

The previous shampoo that I used I thought that it was the perfect match for me, now I know that is was just blind side it.  My hair was soft for the first part but then it became dull and freeze. I thought that it was all I could had asked for seem that I had tried so many brands and this one was the one that worked best for my hair.

After using that brand for a while and my hair was getting longer and longer I started to noticed that my ends where getting dry and just simple ugly. I was even thinking to cut my hair short (it is about time any way).

Keep Your Hair Strong And Healthy All Winter Long / #MommyProblems

When I received Suave I was willing to give this a try. I need it a change (even though I was kind of Ok with my previous brand).

Winter is  the perfect season to really test this brand.

After using the New Suave with Honey Infusion shampoo, Conditioner and 10 in 1 leave in conditioner for 4 week this is what I have notice.

    1. I am not shedding like a dog any more. My long hair is stronger and more flexible
    2. Leaving my hair to air dry is not giving a puffy and freeze wig-like hair any more
    3. I can have my hair soft hair for days . 🙂 🙂 🙂
    4. Now, I am wearing my hair down as often as I can.. (yes, even though is winter)
    5. Freeze is not a problem any more
    6. Bright and healthier hair and end.


Can you tell I am happy!!!

Before I used to have my hair always tied in a bun of a braid no matter what the season was. But, particularly during winter is obviously when my hair will suffer the most. 


With a very easy routine I’m giving my hair  a new life:




And 10 – 1 Leave in Conditioner Cream 

I am giving Winter a fight by keeping my hair shiny and healthy all season long.




Tell me about your hair care routine… It is working for you? Would you give Suave a try?





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12 thoughts on “Keep Your Hair Strong And Healthy All Winter Long / #MommyProblems

  1. Your hair is so beautiful and shiny ,I’m going to try this hopefully my hair can look and feel better thanks for sharing

  2. Your hair looks lovely and so do the products, I’m a sucker for any honey smelling goods!


  3. Oh it sounds fab. I haven’t heard of it before but certainly sounds worh looking up. My hair has gone crazy since having my children – they don’t tell you about all these weird side effects do they!? Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

  4. Sounds like it smells really good. I’ve tried the Moroccan Infusion Suave and it works okay for me. Glad it’s working for you!

  5. Great review! Unfortunately Suave never worked for me, the products are really affordable and readily available but they don’t do it for my hair type. I mainly use Shea Moisture products for my hair routine. Thanks for sharing your experience! #ProductReviewParty

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