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Bedtime Story Just Got Educational And She Doesn’t Even Know It /#MathMoms

Last week we had the opportunity to visit The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). It was only Dani and me but, I would love my boy to have attended this event with me. He is almost in high school and is a mathematics aficionado. Even though Dani still to little to understand all the complex of math she was very entertained with the interactive exhibits they have.

MoMath is the only math museum on North America and has reach more than one million of visitors from all over the world including locals.


But this was not the only reason we were there. We were invited to learn more about Danica McKellar’s new book GOOD NIGHT NUMBERS.

The awesome part was that she was there!!!!! Yes, the beautiful Danica was there to talk about the book and to chat a little about her and how she started to write books. (yes, this is not her first book!!)

Danica with a degree in mathematics understand pretty well how hard and confusing math can get to be for our kids. And for the she felt compelled to help and that is how she started to write math books for middle school and high school kids.

Now, she getting closer to our little ones. Good Night Numbers is a sweet book that give the first approach to our toddlers to the numbers.


Dani is in an age that is getting ready to start Kindergarten and helping her with the first few numbers is a must. This is one of those books that will teach them while enjoying a short and sweet story time.

We had the opportunity to come home with a signed copy of her new book and now Dani can stop talking about how “the lady from the Christmas movies” (Danica, that is how she recognized her) was so nice to give her her favorite book.


We were invited to attend this event by The Moms. All thoughts are entirely mine based on the experience we had.








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  1. My little one would have so much fun at The National Museum of Mathematics. She loves numbers. That book looks very nice! #Alittlebitofeverything

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