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Blogger Events Bring Friends Together / #NewFriends


The Mederma Event was a great place to connect with incredible bloggers that I had met before and others that I just meet up that day. One that I was happy to see for the first time was Regina from Life With Gina G.

Show A Scars Free Skin This Summer / #MedermaWorks

Love her blog and her awesome DIYs. I am a DIY fail btw… lol

How about Melissa love her lifestyle blog , I can relate to her so much and Mary from Downtown Chic Moms with her adorable kids always doing something fun and all looking so good. I have zero fashion sense… lol 


Blogger Events Bring Friends Together / #NewFriends



Another person I had the chance to met was Jennifer Beals … wait, what!!!! JENNIFER BEALS!!! The famous, incredibly talented actress from Flashdance?

Blogger Events Bring Friends Together / #NewFriends

Yes, the one and only. She talked about parenting, her life as an actress, her new TV show TAKEN and the new movie coming out Before I Fall.


And this is how we work,

Can someone say this wasn’t a great day? Obviously not!!!

  • Mederma is giving me and my son the chance to have scars free skin (I will keep you posted about his or mine progress with it on Instagram).
  • Meeting this beautiful actress and knowing that we have some thing in common is just great. And that is: parenting is hard work… lol
  • And connecting with new bloggers… Don’t forger to subscribe to Regina, Melissa and Mary… Great people let me tell you 😉


Ladies, see ya in other blogger event, or maybe we should get together some time….






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4 thoughts on “Blogger Events Bring Friends Together / #NewFriends

  1. Hey, I recognize one of the bloggers, Melissa! I follow her on Instagram. I love seeing her do fun things with her daughter.

    What a wonderful event! I love meeting up with my blogger friends!


  2. This sounds like a fab event! It must be nice to meet blogging friends in real life
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

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