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This Blogger Is Out For Mommy Duties / #MommyLife

As you have seen by now, I was M.I.A from the blog almost the entire week. This blogger was out for HEAVY mommy duties.

This week has been a messy one guys!!…..

With Daniela sick, I have been from Doctors appointments, to medicine pick ups, to work, to house duties…  I haven’t pass out just because God is Good!!!.

The lock of sleep is giving me the strongest headaches I have ever felt. I have been so worry for Daniela being sick that I just can close my eyes and relax a bit (mommies, you should know what I mean).

Just yesterday (Friday) we where driving to the doc. office and she throw up in the car… Goodness, what a mess!!!. I didn’t know what to do…. I am so tired that I just cried with her.

The good part is that my husband was driving. He stopped and helped me clean a bit, I took Daniela and change her clothes (thank goodness I carry extra clothes for her in the car) and give her some water… She felt so badly… my poor child!!!. At this time I was over everything and ready to go back home but, I had to take her to the doctor.

I was feeling sick myself, smelling like vomit, without food in my stomach and tired to dead…. uggggghhhh  so uncomfortable.

I was feeling so bad, once we where at the doc. office I told my husband to go and check us in and call me when the doctor was ready for us, so no one will look us weird (because of the smell, you know 🙁 ).

It was a long, hard day. To make this day (story) short, Dani got a shot at the doc she was giving a prescription for antibiotics and advice to give her lots of fluids. We came back home at around 3 p.m my son was already there from school. I order food for delivery and told my husband to wait for it; I went to bed with Dani and we both were able to sleep for a couple of hours.


P.s: Dani woke up felling better today (Saturday). Had not fever or hasn’t vomit since the doctor’s visit. I still giving her the meds. and she finally received something to eat (I am a happy mama).






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8 thoughts on “This Blogger Is Out For Mommy Duties / #MommyLife

  1. Oh no it is really rubbish when the kids are ill. Glad you made it through the week with a bit of an improvement. Big hugs and ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

  2. Sorry to hear! Sick kids are so hard. We have had our fair share this season too.

  3. There is nothing quite like the tiredness sick kids can bring on. I’m so glad to hear you got a rest in with your little one – and that she seems to be feeling better! Cleaning up vomit from the car is never fun either – I’ve done it many times. Ick.
    Here’s hoping everyone’s feeling better this week!

  4. It’s dreadful when the little ones are sick. Glad she is starting to feel better. Good luck with all of the challenges. #alittlebitofeverything

  5. You poor mama! Isn’t it amazing what makes us happy when we become moms: kids who aren’t throwing up and can eat something! 😉 Here’s to a much better rest of your week and weekend ahead for you. Stopping by from#alittlebitofeverything!

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