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Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20

Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20


This week we were invited to celebrate with the Teletubbies their 20th Anniversary. How cool is that!!!!

This was a big surprise for Daniela. I didn’t tell her where we going until we got to the location and she saw the Teletubbies mini-bus parked outside. (Yes, I missed that shot!!!) SHE WAS OVER THE MOON!!!!   

Daniela had the opportunity to celebrate with her favorite characters their 20 years of hugs, fun and happiness.

Anyway, Who doesn’t remember the Teletubbies!…

Do you know that Teletubbies was first launch back in 1997? and Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po become a global phenomenon from then on.

In 2007 on their 10th anniversary the New York City Major at the time named March 28th to be “Teletubbies Day” and also presented the Teletubbies with a key to the city.   

And in 2015 this multi-award winning brand was named as one of the best Children’s TV Programs of the last 50 years.

Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20

With the joy of their anniversary the Teletubbies welcomed us to this fabulous party to celebrate not only them but also the kids.


Daniela had the opportunity to share some time with her favorite Teletubbie. Can you guess which one!!!



Yes!!!.. Laa-Laa is the lucky one!!! lol

You can also see that she had an incredible time participating in coloring activities, She test-play the new Teletubbies app (to be launch next month) available on the App Store and Google Play, she got a Laa-Laa tattoo and we also had the chance to see the Teletubbies first NEW episode for season 2 to be air on Nick Jr.


To say that this party was awesome is an understatement. All the kids participating of this event were full of joy to see and interact with these sweet characters.

Daniela had the surprise of her short life and was overjoyed to be in the same room with Laa-Laa…(she couldn’t believe it). She has been talking about that day with all the family and showing her tattoo to everyone that asked her about her new plush toy (the new toys and DVDs are also available at all major retailers stores).  

Hey, after a week full of downs…. I am starting this week on a very colorful note.

And using the best Teletubbies phrase today,  I say “Tubby Bye-Bye”





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9 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 Years Of Big Hugs With The Teletubbies / #Teletubbies20

  1. Its crazy how long they’ve been around for! I remember when they first came out and my little brother was obsessed! Ben doesnt like watching them but loves his Po teddy to the point the batteries are dying and there is no way to replace her without buying a new one! #familyfun

  2. Cute! Looks like she had fun. My kids haven’t watched this at all. Maybe they should!

  3. That looks so fun! I don’t think my kids know who Teletubbies are. It’s just as well, I couldn’t stand that show! That being said, I would love to take my girls to something like that. Glad you got to attend! (and that your week is starting better than last week!!)

  4. Loving this. Its my Kid’s favorite. How much I wish I could take my Son to get to see them in REAL.
    Anyway, his favorites is Laa-laa, vacuum cleaner and tubby custard. Thanks for sharing the pics. here through #familyfun

  5. Aww this looks so cool! Bobsy loves Teletubies! The Boy was never too fussed, I think for his toddler years it wasn’t really around too much. #familyfun

  6. So to think I was 14 when the telly tubbies first started, that’s crazy!! What a brilliant and fun day out for you both. Go mummy for keeping it a surprise!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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