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The MythBusters Experience At Liberty Science Center, NJ / #FamilyFun

This weekend was very eventful; Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit the incredible Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. This 300,000 square-foot center is home of a live animal collection with 110 species, a giant aquarium, a 3D theater, the world’s largest IMAX Dome theater and more.     


It was our first time there and it was also my first time driving to NJ only with the kiddos. I like to drive but I feel better if I drive with another adult to my side.

We were there to explore their new Mythbusters exhibit.  And you know how an avid MythBusters Fanatic is? Yes, Leo, my son!!! I am so happy that finally I am able to attend an event with him and that I know he is going to enjoy it.


He used to watch every new and old episode until it was taking off the air and now that they showed MythBusters The Search he loved it as well.


The Liberty Science Center have a complete exhibit (and I really mean it) exclusively showcasing all the myths that were explored on the TV show.

At this exhibit we all can put all these myths to the test and take our own conclusions, basically we can be part of the MythBusters for a day.  

Everyone had so much fun.

We also had the chance to visit the Live Demostration Stage were we can be part of live science demonstrations.



This exhibit is so cool that you will have problems taking your kids out to see something else. And the Liberty Science Center is so big that you will definitely will need more than one day to visit everything they have.

But, we will definitely come back. This is great family place where we all learn a little bit of everything. 😉

ILLUSION is another mind-blowing exhibit. here you will question the way you see feel think and understand the world. Here the quote “not everything you see is as it looks” will come in play perfectly.

Illusion will be around until August 27, 2017. Don’t miss it.



Saturday was just an incredibly fun day with the kiddos. It had been a long time that I go out with them both and don’t have a problem. Just because they like to fight every single time. “mommy, Leo is looking at me”, “mom, Dani took my phone”, Ect…. You know what I mean, right!!!!

Keeping them happy, engaged and friendly with each other was a total success.

If you want more information, visit LibertyScienceCenter.org

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11 thoughts on “The MythBusters Experience At Liberty Science Center, NJ / #FamilyFun

  1. This looks wonderful out ‘local’ science center has not been updated in 20 years aside for the travelling exibits so I feel it is a dissapointment. .#ablogginggoodtime #thatfridaylinky

  2. Oh wow! We are big Mythbuster fans here, we can get it on cable. It’s a great show and I’m so sad that the Liberty Science Center is so far away because it looks like the perfect day out for us. I’m glad you had such a lovely day with your kiddos and well done on the driving alone. I hope you get to do it more often.

  3. It looks like you all had a wonderful first experience there! It’s so great that learning lent itself to family togetherness and good times!

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