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Show A Scars Free Skin This Summer / #MedermaWorks


Show A Scars Free Skin This Summer / #MedermaWorks


I just can even believe how awesome¬†it sounds to be talking about summer and the sun, showing a beautiful clear skin. You can tell I’m excited, Don’t ya!!! ūüėČ

Mederma is giving us a chance for a clear, healthier looking skin. 

I’ll be telling you something very personal today. When I was younger I suffered a pretty severe case of acne.

You know, when¬†you are a teenager you always want to look your best when you go out with friend. My mom used to help me with home remedies that didn’t work and with the time my face was left with several scars¬†that I try to hide with makeup but¬†honestly they have also left a mark in my self-esteem.

Now my son if going through the same acne case and even though we have visited doctors and dermatologists I can tell his self-stem is getting affected.  I need to take action now.


Show A Scars Free Skin This Summer / #MedermaWorks

Mederma has come out with this new line of skin care products from facial cream to hand lotion, including body cleanser and toner. The entire line was exclusively designed to protect your skin from drying while cleaning it. 

I love it .. it is perfect and it came just in the right time.

Guys in the next couple of days I together with my son will be trying this products. Well, I think mostly Leo, I want him to feel comfortable and even though Acne is something that happens to most of us, now we have the best product to help us look a better skin.


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I acquired complimentary products to facilitate my overview. But, all opinions are my own.





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9 thoughts on “Show A Scars Free Skin This Summer / #MedermaWorks

  1. Great review we all love products like this that give us self confidence I had some scars from acne I’ll definitely give this a try thanks again for sharing another great product review

  2. My other half suffered with it really bad as a teenager. I’ve always been lucky with my skin so hopefully the boys will take after me! I hope this works on your son:) Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  3. I’ll be reading this with interest – I had terrible acne as a child too and my two are still tiny for now, but I hope and pray that there will be something that helps them when they are teens as I’ve no doubt I’ll have passed on my spotty genes! Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam and I have everything crossed for you both x

  4. Hmmmmm…this might be something I would want to try! I have a couple old scars that could use some love. #alittlebitofeverything

  5. I’m interested to hear how this works for you guys! I also suffered with terrible acne – and I have the scars to prove it. I still break out and it sucks!! My kids aren’t quite old enough for acne yet but I’m sure it’s in their future.

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