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My Sunday Photo 03/12/2017

So I found this incredible hanging maze in the Liberty Science Center in NJ.

I am afraid of highs but Daniela was excited to do it. I didn’t let her though. I feel bad now, but she is just too little (she is 3).


What do you think. Would you get in?, Would you let your little one get in it along?


You can check all my Liberty Science Center experience here.






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10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 03/12/2017

  1. It looks amazing but there is no way on earth I would go in there! I seem to have got worse about heights the older I have got. I know my little one would love it though and I wouldn’t stop him as you can’t put your fears on to them, so I would be stood there watching with my heart in my mouth. Thank goodness that NJ is a long way away from North Wales hahaha 🙂 #PointShoot

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