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Celebrating #50YearsOfGreen With Earth Friendly Products


Have you ever come across with any of the Earth Friendly Products at your local store?

Don’t tell me you haven’t!!?

The ECOS product are getting bigger and more popular than ever. Their wide variety makes them the more complete eco-friendly brand ever created.



Last week I had the opportunity to celebrate with the Earth Friendly Products family their 50th Anniversary.

This was a great event were we learn a little about helping save the environment and a lot more about all the ECOS brand.  

Our celebration started with a delicious lunch prepared by Farm To Table made with all organic products. Yummmmm!! 


Celebrating the Funder’s life and reminiscing about all his achievements since He first arrive to this country. It was just a proud moment for the family and one that touched everyone’s feelings.

The #LadyBoss (CEO) and daughter of the founder give a very sentimental speech. She was so humble and thankful for all the hard work all her workers do to help her keep up with the company.


It was really nice to see that she really appreciate every one of them. 

She was then gifted a National flag by the Mayor of Parsippany, NJ which also read a new declaration that named April 13th as Earth Friendly Products’ Day. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


We then were giving a tour around all their facilities to show us how this wonderful products are put together and ready to hit the shelfs.


Only organic products are use here.


Checking for bacteria built-up, the density of the product and every other detail is check, double-check and even triple check here in this lab. Since they only use natural products there is more chances for bacteria to grow so making sure that everything is at the right temperature is important so they can deliver an exceptional product.



Since Daniela was born I really worry about using a detergent made with harsh chemicals that doesn’t care for family health.

With ECOS I can easily find all my cleaning products, and now I know that they are created with mindful ingredients that are safer for people and the planet, we are also helping the environment since they only use Zero-Waste guidelines; that is why Earth Friendly Products has being certified with Safer Choice Label and most importantly they aren’t breaking my wallet.



It was a really a great experience. A celebration for this company, for everyone that works here and for all of us that are grateful this company is here to help us take care of our families and also to teach us how the environment is being affected.

But is never too late to change and provide a help hand for our world.


Guys, Earth Day is April 22nd …. Do you have anything plan to celebrate this special day?

On my end I am committee to learn more about the environment and how I can help protect it. But, for now we are turning all our lights off at 8 P.M …

It will be an early bed time for us. Thank Goodness!!






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5 thoughts on “Celebrating #50YearsOfGreen With Earth Friendly Products

  1. I have never tried this brand but I did find a brand I like that uses natural products. That’s important to me too. #Alittlebitofeverything

  2. We don’t have this brand here in the UK but I love the sound of it and how lucky to be able to take part in a fab day! Thank you for sharing at #familyfun

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