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A Short Visit To DownTown Manhattan / #WorldTradeCenter

Today was a very exciting day for two things . First, I was invited to the first episode of #Mamarazzi. A show created for the talented ladies from The Moms.

Second it was going to be my first time going down to the World Trade Center site ever since the attacks happened.

Don’t get me wrong… I have been in Manhattan many times and thanks to this blogging world even more than years before.

But, I always avoid going to this site of the island… Why? I now think that I was ready for it.  Yes, It has being many years but I still remember that tragic day vividly.

Today, when walking to the Subway station and knowing that my stop was going to be the World Trade Center I started to feel really anxious.



Here you can see the new Westfield Mall at the World Trade Center site and right behind is the Freedom Tower.

Right between this 2 massive constructions is the 9/11 memorial. Yes, I walk right by the 2 reflecting pools. But, Even though I saw most of the visitors here posing for the perfect picture I really had a hard time taking any pictures here.

I had to had a sit and offer a prayer.

After here I had to head over to the TIME Inc. building where that live show was going to be.

One of the ladies helping organizing the audience took us to the 8th floor; where the first thing that grabbed my attention was the view!!!! 

Today was just a beautiful and windy day!!! 

While we wait to enter the set we catch up with other mommy bloggers here… Every time bloggers get together is like a big family reunion. 

The show is about to start and the special guest for this first live stream episode is Alicia Silverstone.

She talk about her new movie  ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul’ coming out in theaters this May 19. Alicia also talked about motherhood and career.


It was a pretty awesome experience. If you guys want to see the #mamarazzi show with Alicia Silverstone you can visit the People EW Network Facebook page here. Don’t forget to like the page and follow The Moms for future #Mamarazzi live stream shows. 






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  1. Oh my: as a Midwest/country/homebody girl, I’ve never been to New York State, much less Manhattan. Thank you for giving me this virtual tour. #alittlebitofeverything

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