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The Queen Is Sick… Give Her Space Please!!!

The Queen Is Sick... Give Her Space Please!!! / #QueenOfTheHouse


My Friends!!!!

Do you all  know that Queen Of The South is about to start it second season on June 8 on USA Network? Nooooo…. !!!? I just recap all the first season on Netflix. Thanks to a sick day I had. Let me tell you all about it. 


This week was pretty hectic for me between work, rainy days and kiddos messing up my happy place I end up sick, very sick, so sick that all I wanted was stay in bed the entire day. Sadly for me, these were days I couldn’t take off.

I really don’t know how I did it.  But, when I finished my work day on Friday all I know was that I was ready to hit the bed and forget about everything around me.

I am so thankful for my hubby.. He took over for me on Friday and fed the kids and put Dani to sleep, Leo is big enough to know the time he has to be in bed.

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Saturday morning was upon us and my head was about to explode, my body was aching all over and could barely keep my eyes open. The thing is that I ‘m always on mommy-mode and just like that, looking like a zombie I managed to stand-up and get breakfast ready, clean the house and get Dani ready for the day (I did her hair and all…. yeaaaahh!!!) 

I told my other half that I was done for the day and that I need to be home ALONE!!!! ahahahaha

I don’t know if gladly but he agreed and off they went!!!!!! #QueenOfTheHouse 

Soooo happy!!!! I laid in the sofa… just me and the TV.

The Queen Is Sick... Give Her Space Please!!!

I was happy to have time to catch up with my fav. show QUEEN OF THE SOUTH on Netflix. Now that I had the time I needed to recap on it since the second season is about to start in June 8 on USA Network at 10/9c.  

 I saw the Spanish version of this series and like it a lot. Now that the second season is about to start I’m not going to miss any episode every Thursday.

Come on guys… join me on Thursday, June 8th at 10/9c to catch the first episode of Queen Of The South 2nd season that comes better than ever: this time Teresa come into her own as she starts to recognize her power and potential. 


Not for nothing, but I am feeling like a Queen today. Yes; a sick Queen but a Queen after all.

I got everything in place in the house, the kids are out with their father and me, I just needed it to be in bed (or sofa) relaxing trying to feel better. 

Hey, Sometimes is good to be sick; nobody argues back at you and do what they are told to do. #QueenOfTheHouse


Mamas, why don’t you tell me about your Queen-like moment or better yet share with us how you got to be #QueenOf  share your personal passion – cooking, fashion, decor, etc. and how you #slay at it.

Don’t be shy sometimes is good to show off…. 



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8 thoughts on “The Queen Is Sick… Give Her Space Please!!!

  1. Ugg! It’s horrible being sick isn’t it. Especially when you just have to keep going because everyone is counting on you. Thank goodness you got a chance to have a rest and stick your feet up. I haven’t seen Queen of the south before, I wonder if it’s on Netflix UK. #DreamTeam

  2. Glad to hear you got time to rest. Don’t you love being able to catch up on shows now? Remember when you had to set the VCR if you were going to miss something? Those days are long gone, aren’t they…

  3. Never heard of it, but your enthusiasm has me interested.
    No, mom’s don’t get a grace period when they are sick. You have an awesome hubby!

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