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Turn Labels Around Event / #ShowMomsLove

Hey guys,

Last week I have the pleasure to attend a very important event, an event every close to my heart.

As a mom is always hard to admit that you had being shamed of any kind. But, is true shame happens and sometimes it comes from the least expected people.   

This is a very hard topic to touch by some of us since it doesn’t matter what kind of mom you are, we always go through some kind of shame it can start from body shame, parenting shame, wife shame, or even you can get pregnant shame. 

Personally, I was shamed for not getting pregnant at the same time when most of my cousins where getting pregnant. I guess having a one child was a very bad thing for him. (Yes, family shamed)

Then, I was shamed for continuing my studies and being a working mom and having to leave my kid with a nanny. ( Friends and family shamed). I wanted something better for my kid and my own family, it was my personal decision and if my partner was fine with it, it was all it matter. 


Beech Nut and Huffpost put together a fantastic panel for a deep and open heart conversation about mommy shamed. 

 As Moms we are always carrying with so many labels, the daughter of…, the wife of …, the single mom, the mom of …, but we should never carry a harmful label. 

We are all in the same page at the end of the day… We are here to raise an educated, healthy and carrying person. Mothers shouldn’t judge each other but instead helping and encouraging one another.

The way you raise your child may be different from mine but not for that reason I will have the open door to shame you. 

As you can see on the above picture, shame can hurt us bad and it can also impact our families and most importantly our kids. 

Everyone is different but our motherly feeling will guide us to give our best for our kids. 


Have you gone through any shamed situation that you would like to share with us?

How about if we start #ShowMomsLove. This can be hugely appreciated; you know better that a mom’s works is never easy. 

We are moms and we are here to help each other not bring each other down.  






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5 thoughts on “Turn Labels Around Event / #ShowMomsLove

  1. You are a wonderful person and should never feel a shamed anything that happens in life happens for a reason some things we can control some not but remember one thing life is short so try to be happy and healthy

  2. This is beautiful. I have experienced so much shaming during my career as a mother…it is frankly exhausting. It’s good to come together and try to overturn this BS!

  3. Hey Chica, Oh those Mom Shamers are the worst. No mom is the same and we should be uplifting one another not tearing each other apart because of the choices that work for our family. Glad you had a nice time at this event and was able to get on a lot more insight on the topic. Your such a strong Momma! You ROCK!!!

  4. Mom Shame is totally a thing! I try hard not to judge other moms, or cause them shame. This sounds like a great discussion you attended. It’s so nice to hear moms are trying hard to build each other up and not tear each other down!

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