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Beech-Nut Brand New Infant & Toddler Snacks


This one is for all of us moms, that are always looking for the best products to keep our little ones healthy.

A couple of weeks ago Beech-Nut invited me to a very important event in celebration to their brand new line of snack and baby food. The event was all about Turning Labels Around and #ShowMomsLove. It was a great time to empower moms to trust our instinct and instead of judging each other we should help and encouraging one another.

Today, I am showing how Beech-Nut is turning label around with every single one of their products

I received this wonderful gift from Beech-Nut introducing me to their new Real Food for Babies and Toddlers. 


Beech-Nut new Toddler Snacks are made with simple, natural ingredients, including real fruit and veggies. Yes, Nothing else add it. 

And the most innovated product for me was the oatmeal ready to eat and on-the-go pouches. These are the first ready to eat cereal pouches in the industry. Pre-mixed with water and fortified with iron, vitamins and mineral.

Beech-Nut has totally Turn Labels Around. All these new products are made with real ingredients and packed with nutrition that moms can feel good about, whether they’re at home or on the go.


For more information about Beech-Nut’s new products or the complete list of where to find Beech-But new products visit Beechnut.com


Disclosure: This post was made possible thanks to my friend at Beech-Nut. All opinions are always my own. 






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