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We Made It To Virginia!! Part I – Visiting Busch Gardens

Our Visit To Busch Gardens, VA


I can’t believe that is going to be already one week since we visited Virginia and even more that we had just an awesome time at Busch Gardens. 

We took the road to Williamsburg, VA not only to spend a couple of days to relax but also to have fun together. 

This being our first time there I had a lot to think about….. Will this park be good for every one of us?…. We have a toddler, a teenage boy who are every particular!!!.

Let’s go through our day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA.  Our experience, thoughts and a couple of suggestion for the future visitor.   

We did stay at a hotel not to far from the park … and this was pure coincidence.  We were just 10 mins (more or less) away driving from the park. It was a beautiful sunny day, luckily for us it was hot but not too humid so it was just perfect.

Our day started visiting Sesame Street Forest Of Fun.

It was perfect for Daniela… they have little rides, a photo set to take pictures with Elmo, and water lots and lots of water for the kids to have fun and play.

Here comes my first suggestionthe Park’s pictures look really nice but, they are also very expensive. The personal working in the park will let you take pictures,  don’t be to shy to ask for a picture from your camera or cell. 


After she played for a while we had to keep walking and see what else was coming for us. 

Our next stop was not too far from Sesame Street. We had arrived to Italy and our next ride was Escape from Pompeii. Leo was pretty excited to go in it and we were ready for our first wet ride. 

Here comes my second suggestion:  Be prepare to get wet!!!! with this warm weather is perfect to be a little wet and walk around getting dry. But, if you are not fun of wearing wet clothes get some extra t-shirts for the day… because you will get wet….

On Festa Italia was the Roman Rapids also a very, very wet ride. (sorry, I do not have any pictures here. We were so wet that we were afraid our phones could drown so we all put them away for some time 🙂 ).

Like I said…. be ready to get wet, but if getting wet is an inconvenient for you. You can always use the Family Dryer. To be completely honest I felt like I was getting roasted like a chicken…. lol… 

It help tho!!!



Something a little more wild that I enjoyed together with the teenage son was this Tempesto Roller-coaster. I love roller-coaster so it was perfect for me to get to scream a little and distress myself… My son on the other hand was soooooo nervous or maybe anxious to get it over with. He was a good sport though to follow her crazy mother.


So far the day is going awesome the weather is perfect and is time for me to sit down and have a refreshing drink and let the boys go and have some fun by themselves at Curse Of Darkastle 

I also had the time to take Dani to the Der AutoBahn or commonly known as bumper cars

She had a blassssst!!! It was her first time in these kind of games and she just loved it. She had the opportunity to enjoy it several times since it wasn’t a lot of kids waiting in line.

Here comes my third suggestion: If you are already planning on visiting Busch Gardens, VA this summer my third and I think the most important one is….

Try to visit Busch Gardens during a weekday. See, we went there on a Wednesday and had the opportunity to enjoy several rides more than once just because there wasn’t lots of people waiting in line. 


Around this are we also find the Land Of The Dragons is also a kids friendly zone were they have rides and a play area full of water and fun games.

So far if has been a very eventful day but we couldn’t leave without getting to ride Busch Gardens newest rideInvadR – New Wooden Coaster.

To finish our day at the park we took the stem train that goes all around the park and take you to have the last look at all the fun you had during the day and also give you some beautiful views around the park .


And I couldn’t leave without indulging myself on a delicious and pretty big ice cream!!!! yummmmmmmmmm!!!

All to myself… lol 



To conclude this post I have to said that we really had a great time in Busch Gardens. This is a park design for a fun day with the entire family.

FYI, I’m just sharing part of our day since I can’t put it all on this post (it will take me forever!!) I’m give you my highlights for the day.

And to wrap-up this post 

Here comes my fourth and last suggestion: Again, if you are already planning on visiting Busch Gardens, VA plan also in getting your tickets online and get them ahead of time. It will help you save some money. If you get them closer to the date of your visit, the price will be higher. Also you can purchase the parking tickets together it save you time when you are at the toll booth entrance.  



This post was made possible thanks to my friends at Busch Gardens. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.







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11 thoughts on “We Made It To Virginia!! Part I – Visiting Busch Gardens

  1. Looks like the whole family had a great time that’s important to take a break and have a family vacation thinking of going next summer thanks for sharing and the ice cream looks delicious

  2. We skipped Busch Gardens despite its many good reviews because my daughter was too big for the little kids stuff but none of like big thrill rides. we went to Water Country USA, next door, and that was a better fit for us. we had a great day there.

  3. Oooh that looks so much fun. I would love to take my family there. We went to Florida and did all the parks there a few years back and it was awesome. I love that this caters for the whole family too – very important for us as we have such varied ages. Glad you enjoyed and look forward to the next instalement. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  4. Looks great. I went when i was a kid but the lines were terrible and I couldn’t go on any of the good rides. My daughter loves roller coasters so it’s on the list of places to return to. This time i can go on whatever I want! #familyfun

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