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My Daily Beauty Bag


My close friends, family and if you follow me on Instagram you would know by now that I like to keep everything simple and this also include any makeup routine. 

As a working mom I had to learn to manage my time, every single minute counts!!! That is why I like to keep very few makeup products but maximize what I use to get everything I need from them. 

Keep reading to see what I use on my daily basis…. 

My day usually starts REALLY early…. so makeup is something I really don’t look forward to but as a female I always like to look good…

Here is what my makeup bag carries inside:

1) To start I use a daily moisturizer with SPF protection.

2) Soft – Matte Foundation … Honestly, speaking I love this foundation because I can apply it with my hands and it blends perfectly…. I have to save time!!! don’t judge me..

3) I love my lashes so I always use a Primer to keep my lashes hydrated for the day. Some mascaras are so strong that it damage your lashes and when you try to remove it they just break them. For me Primer is a plus.

4) A volumizing mascara.

5) Lasinoh HPA Lanolin. 


Mommies … you all know this product from when you kids where just babies. Yes, this is it!! this is the cream for your cracked nipples the same one that you used back on those days….

Why do I keep using it? 

Well, just because it is perfect to keep my lips moist. I also use HPA Lanolin as a base to extend my makeup uses. Like, I use some Lanolin and add a little lipstick to get a gorgeous blush.  

I also use HPA® Lanolin on my brows; there is no need to clutter your makeup bag with a one-trick brow gel. Use a little HPA® Lanolin to smooth your brows into place. Not only will they stay put, you’ll be giving them a great deep conditioning treatment.

Other ways you can get the best out of Lasinoh HPA® Lanolin such as, taking care of you heels… Rough, dry heels? use Lanolin on you feet before you go to bed and you will have baby soft feet in no time.



No time for a full manicure. Lanolin will help you take care of your cuticles. Dry cuticles are uncomfortable and unsightly. HPA® Lanolin melts right into your cuticles and gives your happy healthy nails.

See, I maximized the use of Lanolin in my makeup routine and save tons of space on my makeup bag.

I almost forgot…

6) Lip- color of choice.


What you think of my beauty bag… is it almost similar to yours? What is you go to makeup product… The one that you can’t live without.. Share it on the comments



This post was made possible thanks to our friends at Lasinoh . As with all of our sponsored posts – we only share products we truly use and believe in. We appreciate your support!





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4 thoughts on “My Daily Beauty Bag

  1. Good post! I definitely agree with on absolute necessity of a primer! I use it literally every single day. I never thought of using Lanolin as a lip balm, great idea!

  2. Lanolin has so many great uses! I never needed it as a nipple cream (strangely) but I do use it for so many other things. We sell a ton of it at the pharmacy (we get big pots and package them into smaller containers because it really does last forever!) especially in the colder winter months.

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