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My Experience At Blogger Bash NYC / #MyFirstTime


You see that crowd…

If can be really intimidating if you don’t trust yourself and your work. I feel that I’m still a new blogger when it comes invitations to events or blogger gatherings like this. I also feel really small and not worth of working with. I know, I know… I should know better since I am working on this blog for 2 years now and I have been able built relationships with pretty awesome brands .

I was honestly happy and excited that I received the invitation to attend Blogger Bash NYC for the first time.

Luckily, I wasn’t going all along!!! 

First event of the day was breakfast sponsored by Armitron watches. Yummmm, Yummm !!

Sitting with great people who fortunately I recognize, some that I know very well and others that I just get to know… Awesome time to meet the person behind the blog.


Thank you girls!!!! You made my experience sooooo much better. From Left to Right we have Karen from Karen Ever After, Jessica from MommygorJess, Melissa from JustaBXMom, Karen from Mami Does It All .


Now, is talking time, brands are waiting for all of us to share their wonderful products and see how we can all help each other at #BabyPalooza


Love Lansinoh!!! Used  it when Dani was born and fell in love with it. 🙂 .. So happy to see you there. 


This was only the Morning program for us. Afternoon was a little hectic going from CE Week at another location and then back to the Pier for the biggest event for the day…. #SweetSuite!!!


I’m coming back with my picks from #SweetSuite…. keep you post it!!!! 😉 






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  1. Wow i can’t believe only two years you been doing this ,This is one of the best put together websites i seen !! It has something for everyone great job you need to know that you do outstanding work.

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