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Merge VR Cube Launch Event



Who hasn’t heard about virtual reality!!?

Nowadays everybody has at least heard about what virtual reality is and I’m not going to mention the kids, just because they now everything, they even know the name of the games and how to play it.

They also dare to make fun of you when trying of using this goggles and you have not idea what to do.

Am I right or am I right.  Not too long ago I came across this awesome brand Merge at the CE Week here in New York.

I got to experience what the brand was about and I love it. It was fun educational. I got really involved in the game. And this was only one game that I got to try.


Thanks to my dear friend Monica from NYCTechMommy I had the opportunity to be part of the Merge VR Cube Launch.Yes, I know I had the opportunity to tried it before but that was only a preview. (BTW, don’t forget to share some love with my dear Monica). 

This time I was taking my teen son with me for him to judge whether he like it or not. Teens get to me very, very honest you know(well, at least my son is).

At first he wasn’t into it… It looks ridiculous and it will mess up his hair, he said. lol…. yeahhh !!! I’m telling you.

After I give it a try and convinced him to do it he went for it.  


What’s really cool about these is that you can use any kind (big or small) of smart phone that had download the app in it.  Also the goggles are for every body in the family to use, you don’t have to worry about the little kid using it, because this goggles are made with the lightest, softest foam for the care of the youngsters. 

Now, The Cube is awesome … If you don’t have the goggles you can still have fun with the Cube itself and using you smart phone; that is all you need. 

As I mention before the games in the app are super fun and educational that you kid won’t even notice that he/she is learning while playing. 

You can go inside the human body and learn about the human organs or you can go around the solar system and learn about the planets.

These goggles come in all the fun and bright colors… yes, I bet they also come in your fav. color.

Planning on getting the goggles, for that special person in your family…. (Hey, the holidays are getting closer)  you can visit MergeVR.com and place your order.

Your mouth will drop open when you see their price….. One more thing that makes me love them even more. 🙂 





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5 thoughts on “Merge VR Cube Launch Event

  1. So glad you enjoyed the event and that your teen tried it, even if it messed up his hair. Lol! And thanks for the shout out friend! We have the Merge goggles and love them. Now can’t wait to get our little hands on that cube. 🙂

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