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Shine Organics: The Perfect Snack For Mommies On-The-Go



Now that the kids are back in school and with some time for “myself” I take every extra minute to run out and do what I have to do and be back in time to pick up the kids from school. 

But, with all of this I always tend to forget to have my breakfast, or lunch in time. I found Shine Organic at my local Target and was glad to be able to carry a healthy and tasty snack with my every time I’m heading out. 

Today, and sharing with you a Shine Organics Coupon for $1 off a 4 pack on this post. 

If you are a mom you probably may understand me…. I feed everyone else before me and when my time to eat comes I’m either full (for some crazy reason) or want to finish with dishes first and at the end I’ll forget to eat at all. And just like that run out to finish my errands.

Putting everyone before me was causing some health issues. I had to stop and eat something at any point during my trips or at least grab some snacks before heading back home.

Shine Organics give me the option to bring my healthy snack on the road and no more pit stops.


You can easy find Shine Organic pouches at your local Target in the Fruit & pudding cups aisle. They come in 4 different flavors Purify, Calm, Revive & Elevate. Find your favorite now and take advantage of this Shine Organics Coupon for $1 off a 4 pack.

Each Shine Organics Pouch contains a special blend of organic fruits , vegetables and micronutrients,  mindfully made to feed the moment.

I love Elevate, it give me the extra boost for the day after a long day of cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and running errands. I can’t take it with me everywhere I go and eat it while sitting in the car waiting on a red light. 


For more information on Shine Organics mission you can visit their website and don’t forget to take advantage of this great Shine Organics Coupon






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  1. This is one super food that every mom would be happy to have. This can be used when you are travelling with kids and find it difficult to spend enough time to feed the kids their proper meals

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