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We Made It To …. Cirque Du Soleil – OVO

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You guys know by know that I love a good weekend and love it more when is fun for the entire family. 

For this Labor Day Weekend The Cirque Du Soleil came to the Nassau, NY to share with us all about OVO (which means “egg” in Portuguese) and the ecosystem where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. 

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This was actually Daniela’s first time ever going to the circus and it was also our first time ever attending any of the great show from Circle Du Soleil.

I know it was going to be something awesome but I never expected to be as AWESOME  as OVO was. 

Leonardo my teenage son was not much into going to “the circus”. “that is for little kid” He said. Any ways he was force to go with us .. since his grandparents are away for the long weekend. (ok, that is story for another post.. back to OVO). 

At the end of it all they both loved it and I couldn’t stop them talking about the show all the way home.

Cirque Du Soleil has put together an incredible group of people that work exceptionally well, keep the crowd engaged with all that happened on stage.


What is OVO about….. 

When a mysterious egg appears in the midst, the insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives. It is love at first sight when a gawky, quirky insect arrives in this bustling community, and a fabulous ladybug catches his eye – and the feeling is mutual. 


The show is full of acrobatics, colorful costumes and a LOVE…. LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE…. Every scene was incredible difficult the performances were exceptional and every artist had the time to showcase the insect they were representing in the best way possible.




This is a long weekend… Guys, there is still time to go and don’t miss this opportunity of watch a great show.

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  1. This looks awesome I would love to see it one day Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

  2. Oh my goodness I am so so jealous, I would absolutely love to watch Cirque du Soleil, it is on my bucket list for sure. We nearly got to it when on holiday in Florida but of one reason or another we couldn’t. I am pleased it didnt disappoint and you enjoyed it! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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