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Daniela Has Been In School For A Month Already With Zip & Zoe Backpacks


Just a month ago I was having a really hard time letting go of Dani. Realizing that she is grown enough to start school and she will be learning to be more independent and needing every time less from mom…. It was more difficult for me than it really was for her. 

Getting her ready for school was another challenge.


Daniela: ” Let see who is going to wake up early” 

I started to work with her on putting to bed early like 2 weeks before school started. Since she used to go to bed with me. (and that was really late at night).  Honestly, that didn’t go that bad. 


I also let her play with her new and awesome Zip & Zoe backpack, It is pink which is her favorite color, the colors are bright and designs are fun and super cool, more importantly is spacious. Definitely calls everybody’s attention. She felt in love right away when she saw this bag.


Like this she was starting to get excited go to school. Her only concern was me. Why do I have to leave her?;  Would I be there waiting for her?, I can teach her colors, number and shapes home, why she needs school?


I know, I know, I want you home too, right next to me making my life crazy and messing up the house. But, this was the time to met more kids and learn something new.

Her first day she was very nervous walking those 2 blocks that we have to walk to her school (yes, is really that close to us) . I couldn’t blame her I was feeling the same way too. This is totally new for her as It is for us. 


First thing she had to learn was to place her bag in her designated cabinet

I was so excited to see her looking for her name and actually find it. She said: ” Mommy this is mine, they have my name on the top”.

The Zip and Zoe backpack is her best companion, totally light weight for her body. – Well, is not that she carrying so much yet; just a notebook and a folder. Still she love it and love to show it to her friends. 

Zip and Zip backpack review


The Zip and Zoe backpacks are perfect. Daniela takes good care of her Zoe key chain. For her this is the best part. Zoe her friend will take of her bag while she is in class. 



This post was made possible thanks to my friend from BabyMel London. I acquired complimentary products to facilitate my overview, although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.







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  1. nice book bag ,she looks so happy and thats great she saw her name ,enjoy every moment because time goes by too fast

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