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Hickies Is Turning My Son’s Sneakers Into Convenient Slip-on Shoes.

This post was sponsored by Hickies via US Family Guide. As with all of our sponsored posts – we only share products we truly use and believe in. We appreciate your support!

Current situation…. Planning to start changing my son’s shoes laces for this awesome elastic lacing system from Hickies.


My son is always on the go and his current laces don’t work so much for him. For some reason this laces always gets to untied. that is why he have to tie the laces twice most of the time… Let me tell you, that does not look cute.

Hickies can turn any part of pair of sneakers into convenient slip-on shoes.  


Hickies isn’t new to me. I start using them for some time now.

Yes, These are my favorite Converse and I just couldn’t bear to tie my long laces every time I wanted to wear them. (because honestly, this shoes always come this the longest laces ever!! Right!!!! 

I’m loving the new bright, fun colors for the kids and their new zip-lock package to keep them together and easy to take it every where you go. 

Hickies will also make a great stocking stuffers gift for this coming holidays.

My son is so excited to start using his new Hickies in his favorite shoes; that he had stop using just because he is tired of bending over to tie his shoes ever 5 mins. lol 


He can tell I am happy with my Hickies … 🙂 


To see all the available colors for kids and adults and for the best way to get them is thru their website. Visit Hickies.com 






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