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Momtrends Annual Holiday Soiree… More Like A Family Reunion….

I can believe this year is almost over and we are starting to think on gifts for the family again…. 

And again I am so thankful to had been invited to the Momtrends holiday Soiree where not only I can get some awesome gift ideas but I get to hang with some awesome people as well. 

To start the evening we were pamper with a sweet little mani from ManiorPedi. 

These ladies are the boom!! 

After that, the night was just getting started and the connections and reconnections were about to start. 

Reconnecting with bloggers friends that I miss and had not seen in a long time and also connection with incredible brands just in time for the holidays…. Awesome!!

But this event is not only about us, is also about giving back.  This year MomTrends partnered with Second Chance Toys and we all brought plastic toys new or gently used toys to be donated so that way we are also helping to make someone else’s Christmas a very special day.

Now talking about brands and fun ideas on gifts for the entire family let me tell you that Pearhead has gifts ideas for the entire family.  Today, definitely the santa’s cookie set  was the most popular gift but my first favorite was the my wishlist chalkboard I know Daniela is going to enjoy filling out the board and showing it to everyone in the house.

pearhead, holiday gifts, personal gifts

Cents Of Style share with us this soft blanket scarf but they have beautiful and affordable clothes in all the sizes and for every occasion. 

Cents Of Style is a brand made by women for woman with the mentality that if you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good you can do good for others around you.  

Their clothes is made thinking is us as individuals and not as a size that need to fit into. LOVE IT!!!

And as this was one long, stressful and tiring working day the Noble Vine Wine table was one I was happy to stop by. 

As we all know, wine bring people together, make mommies forget of the hardships of the day and definitely makes you smile…. 

Noble Vines represents wines of the highest quality made and are crafted from grapes carefully selected to optimally thrive in the natural conditions. More importantly they are affordable (range from $9 – $11) and have a wide selection for everyone on the family. Thinking in your next gathering…  Present a bottle for Noble Vines you can’t go wrong with it. 

For my foodie friends I’m sharing Red velvet, NY. Red Velvet simplifies gourmet baking. They deliver the pre-measured ingredients you need to bake, every order comes with a detailed and easy-to-follow recipe card.  The box will arrive right to your door!

honesty, I’m not good in the kitchen and even worse at baking, but this is a great idea for those who love to bake and bring to life incredible recipes. 

For all of you my friend I have a special 10% off on any of Red Velvet NYC baking kits from now to Dec 31st. Enter Code: FORTHELOVETO at checkout and enjoy. 

All and all this was a great night full of great brands and beautiful people… to my friends Melissa, Mary and Gemarla it was awesome to see you again.

Thank you Momtrends for the effort of putting this event together and hosting us. 

Happy holidays for all!!!

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18 thoughts on “Momtrends Annual Holiday Soiree… More Like A Family Reunion….

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post , Christmas was great thanks to you beautiful ladies helping families with all your hard work 😓 wishing you all a happy new year

  2. Just wanted you to know because of this post my family donnated some toys to kids that had less , passing it forward it felt so good to help someone thanks again for all you do for us moms

  3. great post your blog is a pleasure to read ,thank you for sharing this i really use so many of your ideals all the time so happy you had a great time at this great event ,i love the post you did for cool effect a gift for the earth ,something that last a life time thanks again

  4. Thank you from me a mans point of view want to thank all the moms for always working so hard all the time! Happy holidays

  5. This is really so sweet, passing it forward helping children that don’t have a lot that’s the ones that appreciate it the most so by reading this I will definitely pass it forward thanks for this amazing post

  6. That’s very nice how it’s life a family reunion it’s great to see so many great ideas on your blog I ordered some great gifts from Pearhead thanks for sharing this perfect 👌 post

  7. only 24 more days until Christmas i love the cookie set from pearhead and so will santa I’m placing my order tonight , think i will also order some of the noble vines wines ,the one black is my favorite one. merry Christmas

    1. yes many gifts to buy ,why go to the mall its too busy and trying to park is a pain ,this blog has many great gift ideals I’m doing most of my shopping online i ordered many things before from links in this blog never disappointed and most of the time a discount code thank you for the savings

  8. I can’t believe it myself that Christmas 🎄 is almost here I think I better start shopping today thanks for all the good ideas you have on your blog, looks like all of you are nice people working hard and having fun have a very merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  9. Thanks for sharing,this ,gives me some great gift ideas .Pearhead and red velvet have something for everyone I already place an order, I’ll check out this rest of your product- reviews to get some more great ideas and money saving codes merry Christmas 🎄

    1. i also love this blogg its more like a fun family friendly website one that i just love so much make sure you check out the reviews on squishmallows they are the best plush toys ever my kids love them !!!! thank you Iveth well done #littlebitofeverything

  10. First let me say all of you are beautiful people, taking time from your very busy schedule helping others that’s amazing , that’s what makes me happy so keep doing what you do great job and this website is pretty awesome 👏🏽

  11. Beautiful pictures looks like you are all working hard for your families and it’s nice that you are helping others and this site is great, especially love the coupons thank you

    1. Its nice to get together with good people that help each other .and all you deserve a big thank you,we need more ladies like you and the world would be a better place .and thank you to mom-trends and especially fortheloveto wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year

  12. Love love love this ,the fact that we need not to forget the less fortunate and give back, that’s what the holidays are all about. .looks like you all had a fun night you sure did deserve.happy holidays

    1. Yes I agree with you giving back is the best thing we all can do , and for all the moms it’s good to have a day ,or at least a little time for yourself
      Merry Christmas too all

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