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One Tribe Apparel Kimonos And The Cause Behind Them


Have you guys ever heard of One Tribe Appeal?. 


At first I was very they intrigue of their clothing line. Since it is casual and simple, loose and comfortable.

But when I learnt of the story behind every piece and the cause One Tribe Appeal fight for, I was more engaged with this brand. 


One Tribe Apparel, a bohemian fashion brand formed in the mountains of Northern Thailand with customers spanning 50 countries.

All of their products are sourced and made in Thailand by local artisans who are paid fair wages. And for every purchase of one of our products, One Tribe Appeal make a donation to the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai, Thailand, which rescues and cares for endangered animals so they can roam freely in a safe environment.



Now you understand why I love this brand? 

Not only,  they share their incredible creations with us to wear but also helps to care for the animal. 

Now, they have put together the first International Crowdsourced Lookbook designed to disrupt the traditional method of presenting a new collection of fashion. 

What this means is that Instead of a traditional model shoot they will showcase the One Tribe Apparel style by featuring women from 6 continents & 16 countries in locations that have special meaning for them. 

Awesome right!? 

If you would like to learn more about this brand or maybe are thinking to be part of their Crowdsourced LookBook… Go ahead and visit One Tribe Appeal page and order your first piece from their clothing line also follow One Tribe Appeal on Instagram and start shooting.


This post is made possible thanks to my friends at One Tribe. 



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8 thoughts on “One Tribe Apparel Kimonos And The Cause Behind Them

  1. i love that they care for the animals ,there’re so many different styles very nice design ill be buying for myself and a gift for my sister thanks

  2. This is a good company, they take care of their employees and also give back, I’ll definitely be a new customer I love all there products and I love all your reviews,it really helps to get a honest opinion on products before I buy thanks for sharing

    1. I agree with you , and they have so many choices, I also recommend to everyone,check out the coupons from fortheloveto .print what you need and save some money 💰 thanks Maria G

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