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My Sunday Photo 11/12/17

This week was pretty excited and busy as well. 

First ……

First New York City Play Fair happened and even though Daniela had a blast,  I like to showcase the fact the mommy bloggers are beauty and we got each other’s back.

Here with my beautiful friends and bloggers sisters Monica from NYC Tech Mommy and Regina from Life With Gina G . Make sure to pay them a visit and share the love …. Great blogs they have… 🙂 🙂 

And then

Monday was this big mama birthday … I celebrated at home with my family and my parents got me this delicious cake…. Yes, Dani was surprise it wasn’t for her. hahahah



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8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 11/12/17

  1. Mommy’s are beautiful and work so hard everyday, doing everything for there family so make sure you let them know how much you love them. .ps:hope you had a great birthday 🎂

  2. I love your post especially how you got each other’s back , that’s how you know you have a really great friendship and that’s hard to find!!!

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