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Looking For An Awesome Gift To Give This Holiday



I have heard so many times now that Christmas season is the season when wishes come true.  And we get so blindsided in finding “the perfect gift” for the special someone in our life that we forget the main thing.

It’s not about how expensive the gift is but, the meaning that this one has.

Photo Credit: CoolEffect.org


This year I’ll be giving the gift that is as thoughtful as the love I share for my family. 

I’ll be sharing and giving out the Cool Effect project. 


Let me tell you a little about what is Cool Effect: 

Cool Effect is a non-profit crowdfunding platform that provides individuals the opportunity to support carbon emissions reductions by funding carbon-reducing projects around the world. Cool Effect has projects across the globe that verifiably reduce carbon pollution to fight climate change.

And this holiday season, Cool Effect has created gift bundles that allow you (and your loved ones) to support all of these important causes! Whether it’s preventing Carbon Dioxide, Methane, or Nitrous Oxide, these projects fight earth-warming emissions of all kinds to help species of all kinds. 


This is the time to start giving forward.

Check the Cool Effect gift bundles. I can tell you that these are much more meaningful than your average gift. These are truly gifts that keep on giving by taking real steps to improve our world.





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16 thoughts on “Looking For An Awesome Gift To Give This Holiday

  1. I like gifts that fight climate change and it’s a start in the right direction thanks for sharing and please everyone let’s all try to help out Earth thanks to cool effect a great company

  2. Did everyone know saving the earth is also tax deductible and it a great cause . keep up the great reviews and happy new year 🎊

  3. Great gift to give ,a gift that actually cleans the air that’s a win for all of us, this is one of the best ideas for a gift it’s so much better and goes a long way . Great post it’s all about giving back 👌

  4. Just checked out this link for cool effect,what a brilliant idea I’m going to give a gift in a few friends names if it’s good for our Earth is a great gift thanks for sharing cool effects

  5. You inspired me with this beautiful gift idea your love ones will remember this gift for a long time. I will also give my love ones a gift that keeps on giving to our world love all the positive reviews I have read from other on your blog thanks for sharing this !!

  6. Good morning this is why this is one of my favorite websites ,always looking out to make everyone’s lives better with amazing ideas,I also will share this post with my friends and will give a gift from cool effect, great non profit company thank you Jim

  7. Wow! This is such a cool gift idea! I’m ALL about giving back and doing good things in this world. Thank you for sharing…you should check out my blog too – I’ve collaborated with a few brands that are doing good things.



    1. I’ll definitely check out your blog also I’m all about brands that give back I just gave a gift in my dads name from cool effect great cause for all of us thanks for sharing a great gift idea

  8. At first I said who would want this as a gift, but after reading this post and reading the cool effect website,I now understand how important it is and we all need to make a difference for ourselves ,kids grandchildren it is really giving back to ourselves and love ones ,very happy to read this because it opened up my mind to something I would of never thought of so thank you and merry Christmas 🎄

    1. Yes great post ,this blog is so important for families and just want to thank you for all the hard work you do to help other families live a fun and safer life really enjoy all your reviews happy holidays Mary

  9. Who wouldn’t want to do something good for our Earth let’s help fight climate change by giving a gift in someone’s name , we all always want everything but this is ❤️ for our world

  10. Great great great that’s wonderful I love the idea of passing it forward and it’s a great way of giving back we take for granted how lucky we are to have life on earth so let’s all start by helping with this smart gift of giving back to our beautiful Earth ty great post

  11. I like this idea also this is a gift that keeps on giving the cool effect is a great company and for as low as 25 dollars you will be making a different in the world we live in thanks for sharing

  12. That’s great I love this idea it’s great for the earth we live on and our children will benefit from this in their future bye making the earth 🌏 safe by reducing carbon dioxide I will definitely support this great cause thanks for a wonderful idea for a better tomorrow

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