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We Made It To … Gulliver’s gate / Personal Review

Have you guys ever heard of the Gulliver’s Travels story? 

This is a very famous book where tells the fantastic adventure of Lemuel Gulliver and his first trip to Lilliput, where Gulliver is huge and the Lilliputians are small.

At this point I’m not sure if this museum may be in reference to this Gulliver’s story but I’m pretty sure I felt like Gulliver myself looking at all those great/ famous place from up high.


When we start walking through the museum the first exhibit we find NYC and the Island of Manhattan and the characters that have made Manhattan as popular as it is today. (besides, their awesome events that the city is also known for)

The details on the every single building, street and character are incredible.

See… even the traffic details is on point!!! lol 

So, Gulliver’s Gate museum is pretty big. And is my opinion that they did their best to showcase the more significant place/monument of a particular city in each exhibit. 

But, not just think that you will go around looking at the fantastic mini figures. Gulliver’s Gate is also interactive with use of the magnetic keys and keep the kids engaged during the entire visit with their scavenger hunt that you can find on the Visitor’s Guide. 

With the key you can make a particular figure/object move or do a particular action. 

Both my kids were totally into the fun of using the key every time. 

The attraction is amazing! It’s a full block of miniature replicas of the world, including scenes from cities and sights from countries including Russia, Asia, South America and more. Some of the unique miniature scenes include the Eiffel Tower, Panama Canal, and London Bridge.

The museum is fully equipped with a Control Room where you can see how they bring their models to life through technology. 

Gulliver’s Gate is located right on the heart of Manhattan; Times Square!!. It is open daily and year round. So if you are looking for any cold weather family-fun activity I may sincerely say that Gulliver’s Gate will be a great option for the entire family.  

If you are thinking on visiting NYC this holiday season… you can also put Gulliver’s Gate on your places to visit list. (I know, I do my list too when we travel 🙂 ). 

For more information on tickets, hours of operation  and exact location please visit Gulliver’s Gate website. 

And one last suggestion…. Don’t hesitate to purchase your tickets online… It’s easy and they sell timed tickets through the website and they are usually less expensive than at the door.

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This post is made possible thanks to my friends at Gulliver’s Gate. I acquired complimentary tickets to facilitate my overview, although this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% mine. 

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13 thoughts on “We Made It To … Gulliver’s gate / Personal Review

  1. This place looks spectacular we live in queens ny we will visit on Christmas break,got to be honest if I didn’t read this blog I would have no idea about this ,thanks for a very good idea and not to far from our home Happy holidays to you and your family

  2. wow thats so super cool. I had never heard of that place before. It looks awesome to visit. I would so love to see these models. What amazing detail on such a small scale. #productreviewparty on!

  3. What a perfect day for us to take the train to NYC since it’s going to snow ❄️ today a great Museum to visit I also enjoy this review ty

  4. If I owned a business I would have you write a review for me that’s one well written review I must say,my wife showed me this website and asked my opinion if our daughter would like to go visit and after reading this absolutely we are going thanks for a job well done 👍 tony

  5. We got the family pack online and saved 45 dollars it’s good for 2 adults and 3 kids ,so thanks for the the tip to order tickets online we are going tomorrow are the children are very excited.

    1. Thank you for letting everyone know about the online savings, I just read this post and all the comments I will buy our tickets online thanks again

  6. This looks very breathtaking you can see the whole world in a miniature view ,and a full city block long we just checked out there website it looks so amazing can’t wait to go thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us .have a merry Christmas and just want to say thank you for alway giving our family something good to read and do !

  7. That’s a awesome review,love how real everything looks and with the cold weather coming makes a perfect indoor Adventure for the family

    1. Yes I agree with you that’s a great review and we also are going to visit, we will buy tickets online,probably going after Christmas when our kids are home from school.

  8. This just showed me how big NYC is I never knew about this museum and I always go to a Times Square Gulliver gate looks very fun and entertaining for the family ,we must visit thanks for sharing this.

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