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Soggy Doggy Toddler’s Review

This holiday season was all about awesome new games and I think, honestly that SOGGY DOGGY was one the HOT games that every kid was asking Santa for.

Daniela was crazy when she open it from under the tree. Asking her to wait until  all the presents were open was almost than impossible. Yes, Excited was an understatement.   

Here’s what she actually thinks about the game…. 

When I opened the box I wanted to see the Doggy and touch it and play with it right away… too bad it all came in separate pieces and I had to wait for my mommy to help me put it together.

Thank goodness she was not busy and help me fixed it with all the instructions that came in the box… sooooo lucky the instructions had pictures otherwise mommy would had taken a long time… lol

The Doggy is made of rubber but it’s soft when I have it in my hands. I was excited to see it all finish and ready to play with water and everything.

I tried it for the first time with my mom she was trying to explain to me the rules and what dice pictures mean but I was only thinking in playing and when the dog started to shake I was sooooo scare… hahaha silly me.

After that I was playing but always thinking in what moment I was going to get wet…

The game is really fun so fun my brother wanted to play with me and we had a good laugh together.

Important insights 

  • The game is perfect for kids 4+ years old
  • Up to 4 players can join the game 
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

About the game 

The players will move around the board taking turns bathing the doggy. But keep in mind that this is a very playful pup. He loves to shake himself dry. If Soggy Doggy shakes at your turn unfortunately you will have to head back to the start. The first one around the board wins!

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25 thoughts on “Soggy Doggy Toddler’s Review

  1. i saw your review and i think this game is something good for the kids to play , not only is it fun but it helps them learn

  2. Something very different what a good idea for a game it looks so much fun my girls are 7and 11 I think 🤔 they will like it thanks for sharing

  3. I love this game my daughter really enjoys playing with her friends it’s great for the sleep overs and .keeps them busy for hours I actually got this game because I saw your review

  4. Oh it sounds fun like a fun board game for the little ones. My two have just started to play games so no doubt this will be one of many that will make it’s way to our shelves! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. Your little one will absolutely enjoy this wonderful game trust me my daughters can’t get enough of soggy doggy they really enjoy playing it

  5. i like your review looks like a blast this is one of the best games i saw in a long time, and its toy of the year thanks for this great blog

  6. Very interesting game something different for the kids to play with thank you for a fun game idea for our family

  7. You always have the coolest reviews this is a game I never knew about so happy I’m a regular here love it 100% and yes it looks so much fun maybe I’ll buy it for my sons birthday next month

    1. Yes I agree this blog always has the most latest coolest ideas it has something for everyone in the family

  8. That’s a great post I think it’s great for kids to play games it’s good for them and helps them learn thanks for sharing

  9. This is actually a great game my daughter also received for Christmas and she loves playing it with her sisters I would definitely recommend this.

  10. Great game we love your review it’s so nice and family friendly we got our grandchildren this for Christmas and We just enjoyed watching them have such a great time playing with this thanks for sharing and happy holidays

  11. Not only is this a great game for the little ones it’s not too expensive and it’s lots iof fun for up to 4 players I really enjoy reading this review

  12. I just love your daughters face looking at the dice she’s so cute and my sons would like this game ,they love playing with water and they love dogs its perfect . great review as always thanks

  13. I just got a email from your website for this new post and I showed my kids they want it now ! I guess I’ll be shopping I think that’s a cool game to play

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