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We Made It To Hershey Chocolate World, PA – Our Weekend Adventure



This weekend came with all the excitement and sweet happiness for Dani and it also showed up with a bit of a bump on the road (as is getting to be usual for as when we are on the road).

As a spontaneous road trip and trying to get out of the routine we decided to head over to Pennsylvania to visit Hershey Chocolate World .

Continue reading to check all about our experience there and to read what else happened to us this weekend.


Something we learn while being there was that for the entire month of the January Hershey Chocolate world was celebrating January as a Wellness Month, with fun kids friendly activities for the littlest ones of the family. 


Every Saturday and Sunday in January Hershey Chocolate World will put together a Warm Up section for the kids.

 Then kids will have the time to play and lastly they will be rewarded with a fun goody back full with healthy and sweet snacks.


Wait .. but the activities are not only for the kids.. the entire family can also be part of the 1000ft trail. We received a map of the location with a trail to follow and mark some specific locations with a kiss sticker.

Super fun!!!

Dani did great finding the places and at the end we could go back to the station showed the finished map and received a prize.


This is not all you can do here. We also did the HERSHEY’S Chocolate Tour free for everyone. This is a fun ride that will take you thru the entire preparation of the Hershey Chocolate products and at the end you enjoy a sweet chocolate sample.

One thing that we paid for and that Dani was crazy to do was the 4D Chocolate Mystery Movie you will be right inside all the fun interacting with the Hershey’s Characters to help solve the mystery.

– Adult: $7.95 (Ages 13+)

– Child: $6.95 (Ages 3-12)
– Children Ages 2 and under FREE

  • Show Time: 30 Minutes
  • Wheelchair Accessible


For us. This was a fun-filled day and it was going to be a one day trip … we weren’t planning to stay since our son was home with the grandparents. But, went we get to the car we found we had a flat tire… noooo!!!! 🙁 🙁

Dani was tired, I was tired, my husband was extra tired after changing the tire and it was almost 5 P.M. I honestly don’t like to drive at night; I get really scare. 

This was almost a 3 hour drive back home, so we decided to stay and on Sunday to try and look for a Tire repair shop… Yes, on a SUNDAY!! 

Finding Hotel thank goodness easy. I research for hotels close by and found a Howard Johnson Inn Hershey at a good rate for us. Since this was an emergency stay we didn’t need anything fancy.


Guest room at the Howard Johnson Inn Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania
Credit: Howard Johnson Inn Hershey online.

The lady at the front desk/ check in area was really sweet and was ready for us. (well, I had called before and she was helpful and willing to help us get a room at the best price for the night).

The hotel is small but it’s perfectly located close to the Tanger Outlet mall, restaurants and all the Hershey’s attractions including ZooAmerica . Although, the hotel was perfect for us it still needs to be updated with handicaps rooms.  

Sunday after leaving the hotel we drove around town looking to get the tire repair and so lucky to stop at Walmart, they had auto center and we were able to get the tire fixed there ….. yeeeeeeeee!!! Never knew Walmart repair tires I thought they did the car’s oil change. hahaha

As you can read this was a very eventful weekend. I am so glad to be home now and in my bed. I bet the kids were the happiest; Dani with all the candy she ate and spending a night at a hotel and Leo happy to spend a night without his parents… even though grandparents were with him.




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13 thoughts on “We Made It To Hershey Chocolate World, PA – Our Weekend Adventure

  1. I have never heard of this place. Very cute. Looks like you had some fun and a nice weekend getaway.

  2. Sounds like fun and adventure rolled into one busy weekend! The town where I lived as a teenager had a Hershey plant (it’s now closed, sadly) and I loved going and watching them make chocolates. Plus you got a free sample at the end of every visit – and it smelled so deliciously like chocolate outside!

  3. Nothing like A family adventure for the weekend I was never there after reading your review I think it’s a great time for our family I appreciate your great ideas

  4. Love this review great time and everything works out great at the end it’s better to have a flat when parked,thank goodness it didn’t happen on the highway and nice pictures thanks for Sharing

  5. it looks so awesome and fun it is the sweetest place on earth we did go last year and will go again in the summer so happy you enjoyed your day very nice review thanks

  6. Another outstanding review ,your daughter looks so happy love that big smile on her face with the characters.its good you didn’t drive at night and stayed over i also don’t like driving at night at least your family had a fun day and got home safe

  7. Hershey has the best ideas great family activities and healthy snacks while having lots of fun ,we will definitely check this place out and happy you found a Walmart to fix your tire

  8. Looks fun the 4K movie is a reasonable price I will probably go but not until spring when the whole park opens up and the hotel room looks nice

  9. It’s great you got out because it’s not good being stuck inside all the time ( ny cold winter)and Hershey’s looks like some good fun even though the whole park isn’t open as long as Dani is happy 😃 that’s what’s important, sorry you got a flat tire but at least it was only a flat 🙏🏻

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