About me

Hey guys thank you for stopping by..!!!

My name is Iveth, a thirty something years old professional Paralegal. Born Colombian but have lived in New York half of my life. 

I am a wife, a very proud mom of a teenager boy, video game lover, skateboarding aficionado and cellphone addict and also a mommy to a 2 years old very talkative and active little princess, that loves to sing and dance. I can say that I have the best of both worlds, both my kids are SUPERRRRR different and I love it.

I started For The Love To in 2015 to share my struggles as a first time SAHM with my second child. So mommies out there can relate and don’t feel so lonely just because being a SAHM is hard work. 

For The Love To also provide quality reviews of family – friendly products, so families would know what to shop for when they need to. Today, this small space keeps growing not only I am giving a glimpse into our crazy life in the big city and doing reviews but also I am attending events, giving money-saving tips and ideas and also sharing giveaways.    

If you’re interested in collaborating/advertising go to my Contact page.  If you want to know more about me you can tag along on my social media

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Where I share a lot more of my daily life.