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#Alittlebitofeverything Wed. Linky Party #88 / #LinkUpParty

  Welcome to week 86th of #Alittlebitofeverything Wednesday Linky party!!!.. I want to thanks you for making this link-up a great place to share our hard work. Please, let’s not forget to comment in at least 2 other posts. The main propose of a link-up party is to share and help each other. We all want to… Continue reading #Alittlebitofeverything Wed. Linky Party #88 / #LinkUpParty

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Are All Mommies Super Heroes?

Women grow up to be strong and independent, but never have I though  that we can grow up to be super heroes….   Now more that ever I am pretty sure we can do it all…. Mommies can be like Flash… we can handle a very hard day at work, come home to cook, play with the… Continue reading Are All Mommies Super Heroes?

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A little bit of everything link-up

I am so sorry to miss this week’s link-up. The weather has been so crazy in NYC; some days is hot and sunny and some other days cold and rainy and now I am really sick with a severe cold and unbelievable  strong headaches that I can’t even open my eyes. Have you ever feel… Continue reading A little bit of everything link-up